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Delilah Babies Make Their Debut

Delilah went into labor underneath my desk this afternoon – thankfully, our vet’s office is right around the corner from my office. She delivered four lovely babies (yes, just four – and guess what we discovered? Most of that weight wasn’t puppy weight, it was “My mom and dad have been feeding me four meals a day plus snacks” weight). Three girls – two stripey brindles with black masks and one perfectly marked brindle pied, and one boy who is marked JUST like Dexter, right down to that mark on the back of his neck that Barb calls the “devil mark”. Uh oh…

Delilah is doing well, but she has NO MILK. I don’t mean ‘she doesn’t have much milk’, I mean she has NONE. We’ve given her multiple doses of oxy, some drug that encourages smooth muscle contractions, warm compresses, accupuncture – nada. Thankfully, Bunny has been willing to nurse the kids, although so far she won’t clean them. Delilah wants nothing to do with them – I believe I heard her muttering “hire me a freakin’ nanny” as I was shuttling them out of her room and back downstairs to Bunny. Hopefully her hormones will kick in and stimulate her milk production. If not, well, I suppose I can muddle by for a week and wean the Bun pups early.

No photos right now – I’m simply exhausted, and will have to put them alternately on Bunny and then Delilah every two hours for the forseeable future. Whee.