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Harley Hangs Out

Harley waits for me to throw his ball

Harley waits for me to throw his ball

Harley, the current Foster French Bulldog in residence, has been having a great time hanging out with the other dogs and learning that he’s actually a four legged kid, and not a two legged one.

Harley and his rope toy

Harley and his rope toy

He is the most ball chasing obsessed Frenchie I’ve ever met, constantly flinging his stinky old tennis ball on a rope toy at your feet, all while barking at us with optimistic enthusiasm. Fifteen minutes later, and he’s still not tired of getting you to throw his ball. Delilah just looks at him, rolls her eyes, and sighs “men” under her breath. “Why would anyone want to chase a rope toy when they could nap?”, she wonders.

Harley came to us eating a ridiculously over priced ‘vegetarian’ prescription kibble that was meant to deal with his supposed food allergies. Those allergies actually turned out to be a rather sensitive stomach combined with an attack of pancreatitis, so I was confident that it would pretty easy to get him off of his potato protein and soy middlings diet (yum, and so worth $120 a bag), and on to raw food.

The first night I added some raw to his kibble, he regarded it with skepticism, and spent the next five minutes trying to eat around the raw. The next night, he gobbled down the raw first. Tonight, he ate his raw, left the kibble underneath untouched, and shoved his bowl across the room until it smacked into my foot. He then sat at my feet, cocked his head, and barked something that soundly remarkably like “make with the meat, lady”. I explained to him that he still had to eat his kibble for a few more days, and he reluctantly swallowed a few more mouthfuls, all while staring at me with mournful resignation.

He also came to me as a dog who had to have his bum wiped after he’d pooped – and he now has firm, solid poops, for possibly the first time in his life. Score another win for raw feeding.

Harley and Pickle like to hang out together, probably because they both have insanely off the chart, terrier style play drives. They also share a favorite game – ‘catch the water’. You kind of have to see this to understand it, so there’s a video after the cut.

NOTE: video replaced with Blip.Tv version, due to egregious YouTube suckage levels.