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Paul J Ackerman Approves of my Blog

Like anyone who runs a blog, I get some fairly interesting spam from time to time. Most of it is from people trying to sell knock off watches or discount drugs, while the rest seems to come from porn sites.

What you don’t usually expect is Republican Political spam, especially if you’re a left of center Canadian New Democrat who blogs about dog breeding.

Paul J Ackerman, of Seminole County Florida, apparently thinks I’m just his demographic:

Paul J Ackerman approves spamming your blog

Paul J Ackerman approves spamming your blog

According to his website, Mr. Ackerman is a conservative Baptist Republican who teaches engineering, robotics and game programming. Maybe he got the kids in his programming class to whip together a handy little spam bot for extra credit.

While I’m sure Mr. Ackerman would be a swell choice for a position of power that will allow him to mould the hearts and minds of future generations of Seminole County School kids, I have to wonder about any candidate who decides to make blog spam the lynch pin of his electoral marketing campaign.

But, hey, that’s just me. I’m also in favor of socialized medicine, gay marriage, no BSL laws and the legalization of marijuana, so what the hell do I know.

Mind you, if Paul J. Ackerman APPROVES that message, and has approved it being placed on MY blog, I can only assume that this also means he approves of ME, and of all the things I stand for (see partial list above).

You go, Paul J! Florida would be a great state for legal gay marriages – reception at Disneyland, anyone?