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Fabulous French Bulldog Stuffies!

Since someone I know (cough:Brenda:cough)  is now making fabulous custom stuffed animals, I’ve been hinting that it would be nifty if she added stuffed French Bulldogs to her repetoire.

In a serendipitous moment, I stumbled on this absolutely stunning ‘vintage’ French Bulldog stuffie on Flickr.

whendisbears stuffed frenchie Fabulous French Bulldog Stuffies!

It’s available from Whendi’s Bears -

Whendi does gorgeous custom work, in all kinds of breeds (also EllyFonts, Bunnies and Bears, oh my!).  Made from custom tinted mohair, it’s got the look of a pre loved vintage toy.

There is the distinct possibility that I made die if I do not get one. Seriously.

Although, I might just pull through, if I can get one of these –

brindle stuffed frenchie Fabulous French Bulldog Stuffies!

Just looking at his ittle tiny face makes me go all “squee!” and girly from the overwhelming rush of cuteness.  He’s made by Lollihops, who has an Etsy store so jammed full of stuffed toy sweetness that I get faint just looking at the first page.

I heart her Peke stuffy so much I might have to go and get a Peke, just so I can justify buying it.

4479790588 4bcbbf7bbd o Fabulous French Bulldog Stuffies!

Yes, I am the kind of person who gets dogs to match my toys. Don’t you judge me.