No Merle French Bulldogs

We’ve created a new webpage to make potential French Bulldog owners aware of the potential health risks associated with merle French Bulldogs, and to warn them to avoid merle French Bulldog puppies for sale.

No ethical French Bulldog breeder would breed or sell merle French Bulldogs. The gene for the merle pattern is not found in French Bulldogs. The only way to ‘create’ a merle French Bulldog is by breeding to a dog of a breed that carries merle – generally Chihuahuas. The resulting puppies are then crossed back to each other, allowing the ‘breeder’ to claim that their dogs are purebred Merle French Bulldogs.

Breeding merle to merle results in an average 25% of the puppies produced being ‘double merle’  – more accurately called a homozygous merle, and sometimes referred to as a ‘lethal white’ dog. Double merles have been documented to be as high as 86% blind, deaf or deformed. Double merle has also been linked to allergies, autoimmune disorders, organ defects, neurological defects and even death.

Learn more at our website –  http://www.nomerlefrenchbulldogs.com

You can share our web banner – please link it to http://www.nomerlefrenchbulldogs.com

No Merle French Bulldogs



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