French Bulldog puppies eating raw dog food

Learn About Raw Feeding for French Bulldogs

Your Dog’s Diet – Healing, or Hindering?

Your French Bulldog is itchy, or he has constant ear infections, or she’s forever chewing her feet. Lucky you – you have the gassiest Frenchie on the planet, or one that always seems to have an upset tummy or runny poop. Maybe you’ve got a French Bulldog with hotspots or hives, or a senior Frenchie losing condition. You might have a French Bulldog suffering from Degenerative Myelopathy, or bladder infections, or crystals. You’ve tried premium kibbles and even expensive Prescription Veterinary kibble, but nothing has worked, and your dog is still suffering.

Maybe it’s time you considered feeding your French Bulldog a raw diet.

French Bulldogs, like many other dog breeds, can suffer a myriad of conditions that can be caused by or exacerbated by commercial dog food. Even the best “premium” grain free kibbles are still made from highly processed ingredients and meat or poultry meals or by products.

A diet based on raw fresh muscle meat, organs, ground bone, fresh fish, garden picked fruits and vegetables and immune boosting supplements gives your French Bulldog immediately bioavailable nutrition, in an easily digestible form that’s loaded with digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Owners who have switched their French Bulldogs to a raw diet report:

  • Fresher breath and cleaner teeth

    Also less ‘doggy odor’ and less greasy or dry skin

  • Less Gas and Digestive Upsets

    No more flatulent Frenchies or dogs with upset tummies

  • Less Itching and Allergies

    Hotspots, hives, itching and foot licking are often alleviated

  • Better Mobility and Muscle Mass

    Old dogs or ill dogs experience more flexible joints and better muscle strength

  • Longer Lives & Lower Vet Bills

    No veterinary teeth cleaning, expensive vet visits, or lives cut short by illness or disease

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