Can Pointed Bullmarket Terror of Toronto – Tessa

Owned and Bred Carol Gravestock 

November 1994 – May 2010

What can I say about Tessa? She was the best dog I have ever owned – and likely the best dog I ever will. Brilliant and willful, loving and fierce, stubborn and gentle. Relentless killer of tire swings, mice, stuffed animals and kongs. Licker of kittens, small children and my face. Bed dog and car dog and an indefatigable companion on long journeys.

She is in the pedigree of almost every dog in my house, and in my heart and my mind every day.


Date of Birth: November 22, 1994

Sire: Am Ch Pelshire’s Sonlit Mario
Dam: Le Bull’s Achey Breaky Heart

Extended Pedigree Here

Show Record

We labored under the illusion that Tessa finished her Canadian Championship for several years, until we realized that a DQ on one of the dogs she defeated dropped the points, and she actually only had nine. Oh well.

Health Clearances

  • Tessa was one of the first French Bulldogs in the world to have her hips OFA evaluated – her prelims were excellent, her OFA results ‘fair’. Her OVC results are “Pass”.
  • Patellas normal
  • Spine clear of hemivertebrae
  • Eyes CERF
  • VWD clear