Hey There Delilah

Another video…

I know, I’m worse than those new first time parents. Sue me.

Video after cut.

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Delilah Eats Pablum!

Delilah Eats Pablum!As promised – a video of Delilah swimming in her pablum.

Some seriously messy faced eating ensues.

Below the cut.

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The High Price of French Bulldogs – in 1909

Note: This is a first in my re-introduction of the ‘Historical Frenchies’ series I did for the French Bullytin in the 1990’s.

We often hear complaints about how outrageously expensive French Bulldogs are. “$2,500 for a dog!” people cry. “That’s insane – who would pay a price like that?”.

Well, plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose’, as this article from 1909 illustrates.

William M. Van Norden Pays $2,500 for Champion at the Garden Show

February 13, 1909, Saturday

Nellcote GaminThe closing day of the Westminster Kennel Club’s thirty-third annual  show in Madison Square Garden yesterday, in addition to drawing the best attendance of the week, brought out a number of spectacular and sensational features, the cheif of which was the sale late in the afternoon of the champion French Bulldog of the exhibition, Gamin II, for $2,500, the biggest price that even a show dog has brough in a long time.

The purchaser of Gamin II, whish has won the blue ribbons in all his classes, was William M. Van Norden of Harrison, N.Y., president of the Van Norden Trust Company. The high priced dog was exhibited and sold by Joseph and Thomas Murphy of Dorchester, Mass., and is a son of another champion, Nellcote Gamin, the only dog that ever beat Gamin II.


Three Weeks Old – Meet Our Little Girl

It’s a week today since we lost our little boy, and three weeks yesterday since the pups were born. I’ve been rather reluctant to blog about the remaining pup since then, for a few reasons.

Fatty Fat FatI’ve been afraid that bonding too tightly with her, as I did with her brother, would be unhealthy. I was afraid, superstitiously, that loving her too much would somehow put her in danger. So silly, I know. I can justify it by saying that I had a few issues with her putting on weight last week, even as I knew full well that it wasn’t at all the same thing as what happened to her brother.

Sailor had a bit of a bladder infection, and that combined with a solo pup nursing resulted in her having lessened milk production. The little girl stalled in her weight, and I was quite frankly too distracted by her brother to notice right away. By the time I did, she hadn’t gained an ounce in two days, and this in a pup who was regularly putting on a full ounce a day. So, it was once more time to break out the bottle and formula. She’s all caught up again now, weighing 1 lb 14 ounces as of this morning, and back to her ounce a day weight gain. Crisis averted.

It’s all made me realize that she’s been rather the second class citizen in this litter from birth. Her brother has overshadowed her, and I feel rather guilty about that. I also felt she deserved a name, so she’s now officially Delilah – or, rather, unofficially, since Delilah is her call name, and not her registered name. Yesterday, as she was restlessly moving from nipple to nipple on Sailor, and then stop-start-stalling with me on the bottle, I scolded her for being “So stubborn” and “So fussy”. I then realized that what she really is, is “So Rebellious”.

I now introduce you to Delilah – aka Bullmarket Absolut So Rebellious

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Watch it, and then ’nuff said.

We wuvvvvv John Stewart. A sarcastic Jewish liberal Pit Bull owner. Swoon.

Really? Dog Fighting OK, Betting Bad?