Outside Puppy Playtime

Just a quick post, because I’m actually stuck at a conference for most of the weekend, but here’s the video that I’ve been promising forever. Sorry about the wait, and the lack of posts – more to come Monday!

Friday Zen – Frenchies and Babies

French Bulldog plus babies equals Friday Zen

These twin babies obviously have a special bond with their own personal Frenchie, Zaboo. Face licking Frenchie plus giggling babies equals fun, fun, fun.

Normally, I would preface any video about dog/kid interaction with some caveats, but let’s just assume that anyone watching this already knows all the stuff about supervised play, etc etc.

Friday Moment of Zen – Baby Bunny Bathtime

Can we ever get tired of seeing videos of Sharky the Pit Bull and his beloved baby bunny?

I know I can’t.

Enjoy the rest of Sharky’s videos here.

And yet more puppies…

I’m living vicariously through my friend Paula’s Bullmastiff puppies, since I can NOT wrap my head around having a litter of puppies that will be as large at eight weeks as my crew are fully grown.

Here’s video of Paula’s pups at 2 weeks and change. You can learn more about her dogs over on her website.

Friday Moment of Zen – Frenchie Takes on Kitten

Are you all out shopping? I bet you are. I hope you got in line early, early early and scored some good stuff.

In any case, here’s something to be thankful for – Frenchie babies and kitty cats.