Puppy Mill French Bulldog with number tag around neck

Puppy Mill French Bulldogs – No Longer Just a Number

There’s always SO much debate about whether or not rescues should ‘pull’ dogs from puppy mill auctions. The common belief is that doing so is wrong, and creates a self perpetuating cycle – purchasing that dog puts money into the pocket of the mill, so they can buy new dogs.

Most of the rescues who do so, however, know that the dogs they are buying are the ‘end of day’ dogs – the dogs that, if they are not purchased, will go on to less than kind ends (a bullet behind the barn, in many cases).

In May of 2013, Chicago French Bulldog Rescue helped 14 puppy mill French Bulldogs get a name, instead of just a number. After you see their faces and read their stories, I think you’ll agree that while purchasing mill dogs won’t change the world, it can at least change the world for one dog.

Thanks to Mary and her team for all that they do for French Bulldogs.


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