The Boys are Done!

Dexter with co owner Sue Simon, and Luke with handler Lana

Dexter with co owner Sue Simon, and Luke with handler Lana

We have some fabulous show news to share! Thanks to the able handling of co owner Sue Simon, Dexter is now officially known as Champion Bullmarket Absolut Darkly Dexter.

Sue owner handled Dexter to all his American wins, something that some people would have you believe is now pretty much impossible in the American Frenchie ring, where handlers are seen to be the dominant force to reckon with.

As if Dex’s win wasn’t enough, his son Luke managed to also finish his Championship just this weekend, taking Winners Dog in Owensborough, Kentucky for his final win. Luke, now better known as Champion Bullmarket New Hope at Spiritdragon, is co owned with Dr. Andrea Morden Moore, DVM.

The next goals for Luke are for him to complete all of the required tests for his CHIC health clearances, and to take his chances in the ring at the Wisconsin FBDCA Nationals. Luke will also be competing in the rally and agility rings, with Andrea handling and training.

Way to go, boys! We’re so proud of you both.

A Great Weekend in MI!

French Bulldogs at Kalamazoo dog show - Bullmarket Absolut Darkly Dexter and Bullmarket NewHope at SpiritDragon

Dexter and Luke shooting "I het you" looks at each other

Congrats to Luke and Dexter on a great weekend in Kalamazoo!

Dex, his son Luke and his other son Manny each took a turn winning the dog points at the Kalamazoo, Michigan show. Unfortunately, the major broke, but it was still a great turn out! Sue managed to get some photos of Luke and Dexter together, but it wasn’t easy. There’s apparently no love lost between them, what with boys (and their hormones) being boys.

Sue’s other big news is that she won the bitch points with her little girl, Cindi. Way to go, Sue and Cindi!

Still waiting to hear back from Kristina and Amanda on how the other Dexter kids, Leah and Finnlee (Delilah’s daughter out of Dex) did over on the east coast. I hope it was another great weekend for them, as well!

This was Finnlee’s first weekend in the ring, so let’s hope she didn’t ‘pull a Delilah‘ on Amanda (that’s my nickname for anytime a dog makes a fool out of you – and especially if it seems intentional).

I am making plans to attend the Hamilton Kennel Club Dog Show, on Saturday June 26th.  I’ll be showing Delilah, because apparently I am a glutton for punishment.  I am fully expecting her to do something horrid to me in the ring – either she’ll fall asleep on the grooming table, or she’ll simply refuse to move on the down and back. Either of which would be a nice tribute to her grandmother, Tessa, who at one point or another in her show career did both of those things, with a spectacular flying leap off of the grooming table added in for good measure.

Details on the show can be found here –

If you’d like to come out and meet with us to ‘talk Frenchies’, please drop me a line. Video cameras will be strictly banned from ringside – the last thing I need is video of Delilah winding the lead around my feet until I fall flat on my face going viral on YouTube.

Saturday Puppy Cute Overload

"B" is for my French Bulldog Boys

"B" is for my French Bulldog Boys

I am giving you fair warning – the following photos are so loaded with adorable cuteness that you will quite likely be rendered a babbling, crooning, baby talking fool just by looking at them.

Personally, I’ve been reduced to walking around the house clutching at least one puppy to me at all times, while a constant chorus of “Who’s a cute widdle man? You is! You is!” comes burbling out of my lips.

And that’s not a complaint, either.

Photos after the cut.

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Way to Go Luke!

Luke takes Winners Dog at the French Bull Dog Club of America supported entrty in Louisville

Luke in Winners Dog competition

Two weekends in a row, and two great wins for Tula and Dexter’s kids!

First Leah’s winners bitch win at Purina, and now Luke takes winners dog for a 4 point Major at the supported entry at the Louisville Cluster of dog shows! What a great win for a young puppy, and we just couldn’t be happier. Big congrats to Luke’s co owner, Andrea Morden Moore!

It’s been a lot of fun to hear from all of the people who had a chance to meet Lukey in person at Louisville. Handsome is great, but hearing how sweet and affectionate he is even better.

Also, can you believe how great the swag was from this win? Check out the photo –
Luke's Prized from the FBDCA Supported Entry in Louisville

Holy cow!

Lots more photos are over on Luke and Andrea’s Flickr page – and make sure to keep an eye out for this handsome little guy if you’re at an Illinois area show!

Judging Videos, Purina National Dog Show 2010


As promised, here are the judging videos from the 2010 Purina National Dog Show, in Toronto, Ontario. This is the Saturday, March 13th judging.

Just as a reminder, the results on Saturday were:

Saturday French Bulldog Judging Results, Judge Joe Walton

BOB/BP – Ch Petite Cherie Savoir Faire At Foxmoor
WD, BOW – Bullmarket Absolut Darkly Dexter
RWD – Shore Lookin Good
WB – Shore This Is It
RWB – Bullmarket Absolut Padme

Group – Ch Petite Cherie Savoir Faire At Foxmoor, Group 4, BPIG

The rest of the results are here, and the videos are after the cut. They are split into three videos – bitches, dogs and best of breed.

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