Friday Fun – Taking Your Medicine

I’m traveling for work, so I’m rather behind on my blogging, and on a ton of other projects I need to get finished (cough:calendar:cough).

In the meantime, here’s a Boxer puppy who is unthrilled with taking his medicine. Funny, I think I make that same face when I take Buckley’s.

Friday Zen – Learning to Crawl…

Babies and Frenchies – does it get any cuter than this, no matter what they’re doing together?

Friday Zen – Doodle the Dancing Noodle

Doodle the Dancing French Bulldog

She's a dancing queen...

It doesn’t matter how bad your day has been going – you watch this video, and you’re going to end up smiling.

Also, I just love that this dog

a) has her own theme song
b) parents who aren’t afraid to sing it to her. On camera. On a video that they post to youtube.

You go, Doodle’s mom and dad. Video after the cut.

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Friday Zen – Hoppy Easter, Joyous Passover!

Friday Zen – Happy Happy Lamb Lamb

Yeah, I know – this video has been everyplace. With an adorable factor this far off the scale, who cares?

End note: I now want a lamb.