Corgi Jailbreak

When Hanna came home, one of the first things I did was to borrow a mastiff sized crate to keep her in overnight. Thankfully, Hanna was housebroken in a record fast period of time, which is good, because she greatly prefers to sleep on the leather sofa, with her head hanging off the side.

This left the crate free for us to move Billie into, along with her litter box and her collection of stuffed toys and stolen work socks (she likes to grab them out of the laundry room, and bury them underneath her bed).

Every night, I would kiss Billie on the nose, and tuck her into bed with a few cookies for snacks, or maybe a small dish of food (babies need a nosh in the middle of the night, is my reasoning). I’d  lock the crate door, of course – a living room holds an entire world of trouble for puppies to get into.

The trouble came to Billie anyways, because almost every morning I was getting up and finding her either wandering around the living room, or sleeping curled up next to her mother, Bunny, in the big dog bed in front of the bookcase.  After a week of this, I was starting to think I was either senile, losing my mind or that I had a dog who was some sort of canine prodigy escape artist.

Turns out, it was that last one.

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Billie goes to a dog show

I was feeling stir crazy on Sunday after having spent four straight days staring at a computer monitor, so Billie and I decided to go and visit her daddy, Stoli, at the Fergus Dog Show. The Fergus Show has baby puppy classes, which makes it acceptable to bring younger pups onto the show grounds. Since Billie is up to date on her shots, off we went for an adventure.

Billie has never been to a show before – in fact, until yesterday, Billie had never been anyplace before, other than the backyard and a quick walk to the mailbox and back.

Talk about your first times!

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Bunny’s Pups at Three Weeks

Bunny's 3 French Bulldog puppies

New photos of the Bunny pups, who are finally starting to act like ‘real’ puppies – complete with barking, growling, mouth wars, and running to the side of the pen to see us when we come into the room.

I love this stage of puppyhood – all the fun, none of the mess. That’s next week, when weaning starts!

Photos after the cut.

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Bunny’s Puppies at 3 1/2 Weeks

Here’s a short video of Bunny’s kids at nearly four weeks old. Sorry for the fuzzy video quality – I’m losing resolution when I decode the video clips. An update to the new version of iMovie will hopefully fix this!

Bun Pups at 2 Weeks Old, and meet the new kid!

Friday heads for the hills

Friday heads for the hills

I can’t believe how much the little munchkins have grown in two weeks. The littlest boy, Friday, is already up on his feet and motoring around the whelping box. He’s a wiry little thing – when you pick him up, he almost does a back flip out of your hand. His brother, on the other hand, is doing an excellent job of impersonating a beached walrus. He wakes up for food, but pick him and he’s content to just lie there in your hand, getting his tummy rubbed. Little Miss Mine is also of the ‘beached walrus’ school of thought – “why move? Food comes to me, which is as it should be”. Lately, she’s been eating so much her wittle belly hurts, which has made for  a few fun nights. Colicky puppies, like colicky babies, are the enemies of sleep.

You can see the rest of the photos here.

Pretty Girl in the Snow

Pretty Girl in the Snow

We also have a new addition to introduce – Little Miss No Name Number Two, aka LadyBug (her breeder’s name), aka our new Mastiff puppy. She comes to us from Jospeh and Connie Lovece, of MCF Mastiffs.

We could not be more thrilled with this (big) little girl – she’s already learned ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘stand’ (yes, Hope – I’m using a clicker!!), and we’re working on “peeing is for outside”. She loves the snow – and considering where we live, that’s very good thing. She and Brigid are slowly making friends – Brigid at first was stunned, but now they’re sleeping curled up in the same bed with each other, and generally being pals. As for names, we’re mulling them over. I like McKenzie, even though we’d be stealing it from Gina, while Sean likes Colette. I voted for June Bug, but got over ruled.

By the way, Connie has GiGi, from Barb, which allows us to play a nice little game of “Six Degrees of Separation” – Connie has Gigi, Gigi was out of our Dark Lola, Lola went to live with Lauren in NYC, and then Lauren got Harley from us, who is Bunny’s puppy from her first litter.

Let’s face it, get a Frenchie from us, and like it or not, you’re part of one great big extended family.