London Animal Control – Overly Diligent Much?

London Ontario Thinks Solo Might be a Dangerous DogDo you remember this little guy?

He’s Solo, our singleton French Bulldog puppy, born last fall. He was cute then, and he’s still cute now – a happy little bundle of cream, with a big grin and even bigger ears.

Unfortunately, to the city of London, Ontario, Solo is just one more ‘potential Pit Bull’ – and they’re not taking any chances on him rampaging around the town, savaging stuffed animals and viciously attacking sticks.

After a few recent posts to the Frenchie mailing lists about the possible risk to French Bulldogs because of Ontario’s so-called ‘Pit Bull’ ban, I received an email from Solo’s mom. Solo lives with his family in London, Ontario, where he shares the house with two kids, his mom and dad and assorted small animals.

Solo’s mom, who has asked to remain anonymous for fear that they’ll be targeted by London Animal Control, related to me what had happened when she attempted to purchase a City of London Dog License for Solo.

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French Bulldog Profiles – Solo!

OK, this is cheating, since almost anyone who reads this blog already knows who Solo is.

But, since it’s my blog, I get to pick who I profile, and who better than his nibs?

Here are some new photos of Solo, being world’s cutest Frenchie. Or, go see them full sized on Flickr.

Fun Wif LOLz

Dere must be elevator

Puppy Blogging

I’ve got a ton of new Solo photos for you to peruse, but I also have some sad news – Solo has gone over to the darkside. Living in a house full of cats has convinced him to join forces with the catnip licking, litter pan using axis of evil. Next thing you know, he’ll be up on top of the aquarium, staring at the fish. We’ll have to arrange for him to spend summer camps with Dexter, where he can re-learn such vital Frenchie skills as house peeing, toy stealing, dog wrestling and water dish tossing.

Dexter Dreaming DarklySpeaking of Dexter, he’s coming along quite nicely, although I still have days where I look at him and think “Pet?”.

That’s typical of French Bulldog boy at this age, though – they’re all gawky paws and big legs and round goofball heads. Seriously, we should be able to send them away to boarding school at this point, and get them back as polished young gents, rather than the gauche little nitwits they are at four months.

Here are some photos of him pretending to be a show dog.

Barb despairs, because I haven’t yet managed to get him to stand on a table, but every time I try to he falls over into a pile of puppy goo. I’ll send him off for show training boot camp in a few months, and I’m sure he’ll toughen up quite nicely. In the meantime, I think show prospects benefit from exposure to all the sights and sounds that living in a crazed household like ours affords.

Here’s a collection of some of the photos I’ve received of Frenchies with their new families. I have a ton more to add over the next little while, but I’ll probably wait til my beloved great white is back from the shop, because using the back up PC feels odd and alien to me.

In the meantime, here’s a slide show of wicked, wicked Izzy wrecking the ever patient Linus’ birthday party. No wonder she gets left off of guest lists!

Pink Poodles and Purple Frenchies

I’m starting to get jealous. Everyone and their sister has a blog about dyed poodles, and here I sit, with my non fluffy, non dyeable French Bulldogs.

It just doesn’t seem fair.

I suppose I could get myself some blue French Bulldogs – they’re always controversy magnets, not to mention loads of fun (although the pale yellow eyes sort of freak me out).

Personally, I’m holding out for a purple French Bulldog. Purple seems to me to be the ideal color for a Frenchie, what with it being the color of royalty and all.

Here’s King Solo, deigning to consort with the plebeians.

Purple French Bulldog