No Merle French Bulldogs

We’ve created a new webpage to make potential French Bulldog owners aware of the potential health risks associated with merle French Bulldogs, and to warn them to avoid merle French Bulldog puppies for sale.

No ethical French Bulldog breeder would breed or sell merle French Bulldogs. The gene for the merle pattern is not found in French Bulldogs. The only way to ‘create’ a merle French Bulldog is by breeding to a dog of a breed that carries merle – generally Chihuahuas. The resulting puppies are then crossed back to each other, allowing the ‘breeder’ to claim that their dogs are purebred Merle French Bulldogs.

Breeding merle to merle results in an average 25% of the puppies produced being ‘double merle’  – more accurately called a homozygous merle, and sometimes referred to as a ‘lethal white’ dog. Double merles have been documented to be as high as 86% blind, deaf or deformed. Double merle has also been linked to allergies, autoimmune disorders, organ defects, neurological defects and even death.

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No Merle French Bulldogs

4 replies
  1. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    It would be nice if you put links to legitimate research before spitting out all of your misinformation.
    Why don’t you talk about how most Frenchie breeders line breed. (Inner breed)
    The French Bulldog is with us only because of a cross breed that has been repeatedly line bred.
    Our vet said the blue merle is common to French Bulldog’s. Why don’t you just tell it like it is, when you have a merle puppy born you cull it. (KILL IT)
    I think it’s a shame to lie just do that you can protect your vision of what a Frenchie should look like. It reminds me of Hitler with the Jew’s.

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      French Bulldogs don’t carry the gene for merle, you nitwit (oh, and your vet is apparently also a nitwit, so at least it’s nice that the two of you can hang out, and nitwit at each other).

      Merle has been introduced into Frenchies by breeding French Bulldogs into breeds carrying the merle allele, Chihuahuas most commonly. No French Bulldog breeder needs to ‘cull’ their merle puppies, because no breeder who isn’t intentionally breeding for them by crossing into a breed which carries them will ever have one show up. If they did, however, they’d just sell it as a pet on limited registration, instead of trying to market it as a sad little over priced money maker.

      Sidenote: please don’t Godwin’s Law all over my blog, it’s messy and it makes the keys sticky

      • Sarah A Baker
        Sarah A Baker says:

        I’m so glad I read this! Breeders are charging up to $10k for merle frenchies and I was actually considering one… not anymore!


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