So much for syrup

I woke up this morning with a very clear agenda – take Bunny to the vet for progesterone testing, bring her home, then head back down the road to the Holstein MapleFest. Mother nature, however, had other plans in mind, and this is what I woke up to –


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Heart Explores Her World

Heart and her Daddy
Heart Meets Her Daddy

We started putting Heart out in the playpen in the family room — it gives her a chance to interact with the other dogs, see people, and experience more sights and sounds. So far, she’s enjoying it. What she’s not enjoying is weaning — why should she, when she lives with a walking dairy bar? We’re going to let her take it at her own pace — Tula is spending time out running and playing with the dogs while Heart is in the playpen, so that should make her a bit more motivated to cut off the milk train.

Here’s a video of Heart in her playpen – as always, you can see it full sized over on Blip. Oh, and in case you’ve never noticed, there’s a little button on the bottom of the video that looks like a video monitor. That lets you view the video full screen. On my 24″ monitor, the resolution is pretty good.

Teh Cuteness, She is To Die From

Heart is a Monkey Girl

Just stop. Stop with the cuteness and the looking like a stuffed monkey. Seriously, it is getting redonculous, and there is only so much a mere mortal can take.

Sigh. We’re all doomed. I’m never going to get any work done, because I am going to spend the next four weeks crawling around on the floor and saying “Ooooh, puppy wuppy buppy! Who is de cutest puppy in de world? You are! You are!”.

Seriously, puppies. They need to be outlawed, for the good of all mankind. Oh, wait — I live in Ontario. They almost are.

Heart Makes ANOTHER New Friend

Awww, Heart has made another new friend. OK, this one is a stuffed animal, but still — it’s nice to see her playing with someone other than her mommy, who spends most of her time trying to avoid letting her nurse.

All the photos are on Flickr, or view them below. By the way, Penelope’s two until-now nameless girls have been named — Tiny is now Pixie, and the larger girl is now Calliope.

Cheer Up, Lil' Monkey!