Bunny’s Puppies at 11 Days

How time flies when you’re having fun!

The Bun-lets are eleven days old, and getting cuter by the minute. Have a look!

Ema’s Itty Bitty Video

I know it must seem odd that I’ve waited this long to do a video of Ema. To be honest, a lot of it was cowardice – I spent a lot of time thinking “If she’s going to die any minute, I don’t know if I can take having a video of her out there”.

But, here we are – almost two months later, and Ema is still hanging in there, gaining weight, eating ravenously and doing better than even her vets had expected her to. That deserves a video, don’t you think?

This one is special, because from day one Sean has called her “Itty Bitty” (we were both pretty big “Pushing Daisies” fans).

Tula Puppy Playtime Movie

Here’s a film of the puppies having some playtime, with us and with their mom. As you can see, a week makes a HUGE difference in the puppies’ development!

Friday Zen – Dexter Hates the Squeaky Toy

This is an old video, but still one of my favorites. It’s Dexter as a puppy (when he was still named Nigel, a name Sean vetoed on the grounds that it made him sound like a fussy old librarian, to which I say ‘what’s wrong with that?’).

Dexter, then as in now, has some pretty strong reactions to things he does not like – and he does not like the squeaky toy.

Frenchie Video – Nursing French Bulldog Puppies

In honor of International Women’s Day, here’s a nice little video that celebrates Tula’s skills as a mother.