French Bulldog attacked at dog park needs help

Rescued French Bulldog Attacked on Beach – Please Help

We were just having a discussion of how dangerous dog parks are – this is the perfect illustration of how your French Bulldog can be injured if play gets too rough. Ellie, our special needs French Bulldog girl, was attacked at a park in Toronto once by a German Shepherd, so I know first hand just how terrifying this is.

If you can, please donate to help Arabella. She needs and MRI and spinal surgery, and her adoptive mother just can’t afford the $2,000 deposit the vet clinic requires to begin treatment. In the meantime, Arabella is suffering.

Here’s Arabella’s story:

Arabella, a FBRN dog, lovingly adopted by Jessica, a single professional, was attacked during their afternoon walk on the beach in Del Mare Dog Beach in CA. The boston terrier people who attacked Bella have now stopped answering their phone and are avoiding contact. They are military people so the base commander will be notified, but in the mean time Bella is in a situation were every second counts. A back/neck injury needs immediate attention to try an avoid paralysis. The vet wants a 2000.00 deposit to do surgery and MRI in the mean time Bella in lying in pain with intravenous meds as Jess frantically tries to raise money and contact those responsible for her loved companions injuries. Please help. we all go for walks and this could happen to any of our loved companions…just out of now where her dog now is in danger or dying or being crippled because someone had no control of their dog and now is not taking responsibility for their actions. Shameful. Lets help Jess have faith in people – we can help Bella. Her companion of 2 yrs. She has lovingly helped Bella over come her puppy mill issues to become the girl that runs on the beach in glee.

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Adoptable Pair of Senior French Bulldogs Available

Senior French Bulldogs Need a Home for the Holidays – UPDATE!

Thank you to all who have shown an interest in our two senior Frenchies.

We have been inundated with enquiries and are quite moved at the overwhelming response to them.   We apologize for the delay in responding to your enquiry but please be advised that we are carefully going through all applications and will be following up with all qualified applicants in the next 3 to 5 days. At this time, we’re not accepting further applications for their adoption.

Thank you once again for your interest – it’s truly inspirational to see how many people have reached out and offered to give them a home!

Pied French Bulldog Available for Adoption in Toronto

The lovely little pied girl is spayed, housebroken, lead trained and very sweet. She does have some ongoing skin allergies, which can managed with proper diet. She is approximately seven years old.

Brindle French Bulldog Available for Adoption in Toronto


Her brindle best friend is neutered, clean in the house, lead trained, affectionate and very eager to please. He does not mark in the house, from what his foster home can determine. He is approximately seven and a half years old.

Both dogs seem fine with adults, children and other dogs. They are so far untested with cats, but we suspect they will be fine. They are obedient, healthy and very eager for affection, although a little confused and unhappy about their abandonment. Because they are so pair bonded, they MUST BE PLACED TOGETHER.

The dogs are being boarded in the GTA area of Ontario, Canada. They must be adopted by a home willing to undergo a home visit, and to complete an application and pay the ECFBC placement fee. Because of their special circumstances, one fee will be waived. They will NOT be shipped, and must be picked up in person.

We can’t emphasize what a loving, sweet, well behaved pair of dogs these are. They just need a stable home where they can give back as much love as they get.

Please note: at this time, we’re not accepting further applications for their adoption.

Remember, sharing is caring – if you can’t adopt, please share.

How Much is a Life Worth?

I sometimes get discouraged about French Bulldog rescue.

I sometimes feel like all we’re doing is sticking our fingers in the dike, while the water pours over the wall in spite of us. I can’t look at a classified ad or open my email with seeing a French Bulldog for sale at auction, or abandoned, or one who has been through unspeakable cruelty. Sometimes, I feel like all I ever write about are dead dogs, dying dogs, dogs for whom we couldn’t do enough, in time, to save their lives. Sometimes I worry that writing about dead dogs is going to make everyone who reads this blog so depressed and discouraged that they’re just going to look at that wall of water, and say ‘let it pour, I’ve done all that I can do’.

Sometimes, I worry that I’ll walk away with them.

Every once in a while, though, we all do make a difference, even if it’s just for one single dog. Take Holmes, for example.

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ECFBC Fun Day in Mississauga

Eastern Canada French Bulldog Club held its second French Bulldog Jamboree Funday on Saturday, at Doggie Central in Mississauga. French Bulldogs and their friends (all breeds are welcome at these events) gathered together to play, try out the agility equipment and generally enjoy each others company.

Our door prize draw and raffle were a great success, with almost everyone in attendance going home with a gift of some kind.

If you missed Saturday’s event, don’t despair – we’re already making plans for another one, this time in downtown Toronto! Stay tuned for details.

Our thanks to our wonderful sponsors, who make all of this possible – we couldn’t do this without you!

Doggie Central (for the use of their great space, their staff and their beautiful raffle gift basket)
Golly Gear
Pets 4 Life Raw Pet Cuisine
Essex Cottage Farms
Ashleigh Devries, Training by Ashleigh
Richard Rockford, Aristocrafts French Bulldogs
Robert and Diane Lowes, Robb Isle French Bulldogs
Megan Lorenz Photography (make sure to check out her photos of the events – prints are available!)

Check out photos from Saturday, after the break.
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