Pickle Steals My Heart Away…

There are certain rules that breeders are supposed to follow. Chief amongst them would be the adage to never, ever get overly attached to young puppies, because the grasp on life of a young puppy is tentative at best.


In spite of this, there are sometimes puppies that just, by whatever obscure means, grab hold of your heart and lodge themselves there, reason be damned.

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Handler Responsible for Dog Deaths Charged with Cruelty

The St. Louis area professional handler responsible for the deaths of seven high priced show dogs has been charged with animal cruelty.

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Shelter Arrogance – BCSPCA Refuses to Return Dog to Owner

In June of this year, a purebred show dog went missing. Her handler instantly initiated a search campaign for the dog, notifying local animal control and the SPCA, and providing them with specific identifying details of the dog, including her microchip information.

While the agent was still searching, Animal Control found the dog. A scan revealed her microchip, which was registered in the name of her US breeder and owner. The owner was notified that AC had possession of the dog.

Recent border changes require the breeder to have a passport to be able to travel into Canada from the USA. Without one, the breeder had to cancel her plans to fly north to claim the dog back personally. Instead, she appointed an agent and notified Animal Control that the dog would be claimed by this person. Animal Control apparently agreed to this.

Unfortunately, AC didn’t follow through. Instead, they handed the dog over to the BCSPCA shelter. BPSPCA refuses to relinquish the dog to the appointed agent, and states emphatically that no dog leaves their shelter without being altered. They state that the dog will be spayed, and then re homed.

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Bunny’s Pups at One Month

We took some head shots of the pups outside today, since the sun was actually out for once. Here are Bun’s pups, one day shy of one month old.

Brindle French Bulldog Puppy Hugo

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A Guide to Grading Your Dog Food

This has been circulating for a while, but I find the results to be fairly accurate, so it’s worth re posting.

It’s a formula designed to help you to ‘grade’ your dog food. Fairly straight forward, and results for most common brands are listed below.

By the way, my raw dog food mix would receive a score of 123!! I’m going to guess that’s an A++ grade.

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