Auction for French Bulldog Rescue – El Bulli 1983 – 1993

We’re holding auctions all of this month to benefit Eastern Canada French Bulldog Rescue. Our rescue kitty is bare, and your support will let us sock away some much needed funds before the next needy little French Bulldog ends up in our care!

Our first item up for bid is VERY special – and very rare. Only ever available directly from El Bulli Restaurant, by special order, this is widely considered to be the most expensive cookbook ever released.

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Where did your puppy come from? French Bulldog Puppy Mill Exposed Pt 3

After Kathy Bauck’s conviction on animal cruelty, and the suspension of her commercial kennel licence by the USDA, most of us would assume that she would be effectively barred from any further selling or breeding of dogs. This is shockingly incorrect, as detailed by the veterinarian who testified against Bauck during her trial –

“The irony is that if the revocation of Bauck’s USDA license stands, she will still be able to keep her dogs,” said Dr. Linda Wolf a veterinarian who served as one of the key expert witnesses in the most recent animal cruelty case against Bauck.

“The USDA only regulates the sale of dogs to commercial sources, like pet shops, brokers and wholesalers. They have no say as to whether or not Bauck gets to keep her dogs,” Wolf added.


“The termination of Bauck’s USDA license prevents her from selling dogs to her normal sales channels,” added Wolf.

– Source

“Normal channels” is primarily considered to be sales directly to pet shops and to pet shop suppliers like Hunte and other brokers. It does not include direct sales to puppy buyers, through internet sales sites, and that gives Kathy Bauck and other suspended USDA breeders like her a very handy – and lucrative – get out of jail free card.


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Where did your puppy come from? Pt 2

Yesterday, I wrote about CAPS (Companion Animal Protection Society) fight against Kathy Bauck, of Pick of the Litter Puppies aka Puppies on Wheels. If you haven’t yet, please watch the CAPS documentary.

Today, I’m going to write about the fall out from the Kathy Bauck investigation, and how it applies to all of us. Next week, I’ll write about the implications of this case for Canadian Breeders, and for Agriculture Canada.

Let me put it to you bluntly – consider this my declaration of war.

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Where did your puppy come from?

I know that everyone reading this has had it hammered into them by now – that it MATTERS where you get your puppy from.

It matters if you buy a puppy, site unseen, from a breeder who refuses to let you see where you puppy comes from. It matters if you buy a puppy the same way that you buy a sweater, from an internet shopping site that lets you use your credit card to pay. It matters if you impulse buy that cute little puppy in the pet store window, even if you think you’re actually ‘rescuing them’.

It matters, because for every puppy you buy like this, for every puppy that you shrug off your misgivings and put your money down anyway, these are the dogs that live in the background, suffering in silence and dying all alone.

This is a documentary by CAPS – Companion Animal Protection Society – detailing their fight against Kathy Bauck, one of America’s most notorious puppy millers. It is extremely upsetting to watch – there are numerous images of French Bulldogs, Bulldogs, Mastiffs, Pugs and other breeds suffering horribly. In all my time involved in rescue and welfare, this has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever watched, but I also think it’s possibly the most important, and I’m going to be covering that in detail in several future entries.

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