French Bulldog Puppy Dreaming

Nicole shot a quick video of one of Penelope’s puppies having a bad dream. This one is best with the volume turned on.


Judge Declares Paws R Us is Puppy Mill – Dogs can be placed

Nicole Labombard,  owner of Paws R Us Kennel, proclaiming her ‘shock’ after the raid

A judge in the Paws R Us case (the largest Canadian puppy mill seizure in our country’s history) has declared Paws R Us to “be a puppy mill”.

This is big news on more than one front. Most importantly, it means that the seized dogs, who now total more than 600, can finally be placed.

Secondly, it provides vindication to Ontario resident Lorie Gordon, who was ruled to have slandered Paws R Us when she referred to them as a “puppy mill” on an on line message board in 2008. Ms. Gordon had purchased an apparently unhealthy puppy from Paws R Us, and was speaking out against them in hopes of dissuading other potential customers from purchasing puppies from them.

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Happy Thanksgiving & Costume Contest Photos

Maggie Cacciotti, mom to Sushi (Penelope’s sister) and Lola, sent me some wonderful photos from this year’s Canine Costume Contest, at Socrates Sculpture Park in Brooklyn. Lola, of course, went as her famous alter ego, the Dread Pirate Lola, but Sushi dressed as – a Butterball Turkey!

Maggie sent me this update about the contest:

For this year’s costume contest at Socrates Sculpture Park, Sushi took 1st place as a Butterball turkey! We handmade the costume, but apparently it was so authentic that people thought we’d taken the wrapper off an actual Butterball turkey. I don’t even know how to cook a turkey, so that wasn’t going to be happening! The crowd was chanting “Butterball! Butterball!” and everyone was taking pictures of her and we were interviewed for two different newspapers.. Lola was The Dred Pirate this year (or again, but no one here in NYC has seen the costume before) – and didn’t mind handing over her “Halloween Queen” crown to her younger sister. I think she was just happy to get out of her costume once it was all done. Plus, she gets to enjoy the spoils.. tons of treats, toys and a day at the dog spa. 🙂
So, in case you’re keeping track, that’s two wins in a row for the Bullmarket girls. Lola won last year as the disco diva. 🙂 I’ve included a shot of Lola’s winning costume from last year, as well as photos from this year.
Way to go, Maggie and girls!
I couldn’t think of a better time than today to premiere these photos, starting off with this one!

The rest of the fabulous photos are after the cut.

The Puppies Have Arrived at Bullmarket

As you might already know if you follow me on Facebook, both litters of French Bulldog puppies have arrived at Bullmarket.

Delilah couldn’t wait until Tuesday’s predicted whelping date, and went into labor on Sunday evening. We tried to wait her out until Monday morning, but by 4:00 am it was pretty clear that things were progressing at an alarming rate, so off to the vet we went.

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Hugo and Renee in Los Angeles!

Do you remember Hugo?

He’s the adorable Bunny baby (and litter mate of Po) who was living in Park Slope, Brooklyn with his owner, Renee Felice. At the time, Renee was performing off Broadway in the play “Wild Flowers”, while Hugo was busy breaking into show business via a really adorable kids music video with Park Slope band Tim and the Space Cadets.


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