On Patience and Puppies

Well, we’re still in the waiting and seeing stage when it comes to puppies. Journey hasn’t been bred yet, but we anticipate doing so either tomorrow or Thursday. The date will be based on her progesterone results, the originals of which were lost by Purolator enroute to the lab. Sailor is being bred one last time, and her breeding date is also still tentative, because, again, we need to monitor her progesterone, her Draminski readings, and the progress of her crenation. Normally, we’d also be checking her LH results, but there are no kits available at the moment. Luckily, our new vet, Dr. Boyd, seems to have timing testing down to an art. The proof, of course, will be in the puppies. Read more

Why a Frog Blog?

Welcome to Frog Blog, Version 2.1

I tried this with a LiveJournal once already, but I quickly lost both time and interest. Maybe this will work out a bit better.

So, why a blog? Well…

  • all the really cool kids have one
  • you’ve been bored to death reading about every other subject – why not dogs?
  • more opportunities to post cute puppy photos
  • easier than sending out ten million ‘sorry, still no puppies’ emails per week

I’m going to do my best to post everything related to litter news and puppy updates here, as well as all of the other trivial, Frenchie related minutae I can think of. Oh, and when I can’t write one, maybe Tessa can spare the time from her busy schedule.


Carol and the Frenchies

My Co-Author, Ms. Tessa