A Quick Recap from Butters' First Dog Show

Butters practices her stack.

Butters practices her stack.

Partial results from today’s Purina National Dog show in Tillsonburg, Ontario:

Judge Bud Haverstock

BOB — Belboulecan Mystic Winddancer
Best puppy — Evita Minimolos
WB — Rob Isle n Foxmoors Juanita

Sorry for any misspelling.

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Hey there, Butters!

I checked in with Butters (re christened Bella, a fact which I studiously ignore. Co owner Paula can feel free to call her Bella, but she’s still Butters to me!) yesterday, where I found her to be growing into a lovely – and bratty – little girl. She and Delilah share a remarkably similar temperament. Both prefer to be pretty much left the hell alone, until they’re worn out and looking for a soft lap to crash on. Until then, don’t bother trying to pet them, as they have places to go and things to chew.

Sharing a house with a menagerie of Bullmastiffs and Abyssinian cats (and one really sweet pet Bulldog) has enhanced Butters’ already well rounded sense of confidence. She now knows for a fact that, no matter how big the other dog is, she’s still the boss of them.

Here’s a video clip of Butters being a goof and chasing a ball, and a small flash gallery of photos.