Puppy Photos, Day Four

Striker, tiny pied French Bulldog boy

Striker, tiny pied French Bulldog boy

All the boys are doing well – Striker, the tiny pied boy, is gaining as much weight per day as the two beefy boys, and the fawn boy (nicknamed Sidney) is also doing well. Turns out his ‘gaping umbilical’ was really more of a ‘nicely healing umbilical’. Mea culpa when it comes to being overly protective.

Tula just wants us to stop fussing with her kids, and leave her to get on with motherhood. Happy to oblige, Tula.

French Bulldog Photo Surprise

I absolutely love finding ‘surprise’ photos on my camera.

This one of Pickle is a perfect example – I swear that when I went to snap her photo, she was sitting there, looking cute and normal, and with both ears up where they always are.

Then, when I downloaded the photos onto the computer, this is the picture I found –

Pickle the Crazy French Bulldog puppy

Apparently, it’s not just human kids who make stupid faces when you go take their pictures. Also, Pickle can apparently put her ears up and down at will. Surprise!