Delilah, then and now…

Wow, time sure does fly. It seems like only yesterday Delilah was a tiny puppy I could fit in the palm of my hand.. now, she doesn’t even fit in her bed!

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Delilah Then…Delilah Now

Christmas Card – the Sequel!

Here’s attempt number two, for those who could never get those pesky dancing elves to open for them. Happy Holidays!

BTW, it looks better here
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Breeding a French Bulldog Litter for 'Fun' – Part Two

Part One

I’ve been engaged in a back and forth correspondence with someone who contacted me by email asking about breeding a litter. I’ve removed all of their identifying details. Here’s the second part of our emails.

Her response to my earlier email:


Wow! Are you serious!! I am imagining you have detailed the steps in an attempt to show me how silly my question was. Sorry. From your web page I assumed you were a tad more genuine then you have come off in your email. Maybe “genuine” is not the word I am looking for. I thought you could provide direction or information that was attainable. I do hope you got some amusement out of writing your response. Good luck with your special dogs. You must be proud!

..and my reply, after the break.


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