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Scary Santa Owns Your Soul

Scary Santa Owns Your Soul

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Proud to be the ONLY ‘dogs with Santa’ on Sketchy Santas. Sort of.

Tattoos & French Bulldogs – the Ultimate Fund Raiser

Out of Chicago comes the most awesome fund raising idea in the history of French Bulldog fund raisers – a Tat Fest!

From Chicago Now

I’m sure if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know how obsessed I am with my French bulldogs. We actually rescued one of our pups, Marshall, through the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue, a truly incredible organization that devotes so much time and money to bettering the lives of Chicago’s Frenchies.

This Saturday, the amazing tattoo artists from Insight Studios are donating their talents to the rescue.

On December 19 and 20 Insight Studios will be having a benefit for The Chicago French Bulldog Rescue. We will be donating 100% of the profits on those two days to help out The Chicago French Bulldog Rescue. Since these benefits are usually busy, we will NOT be taking appointments. It will be a “first come-first served” basis. Make sure you tell us you are here for the benefit.

Read the rest on Chicago Now, where you’ll also here the story behind this awesome tattoo of a little Frenchie named Gatsby –

French Bulldog Tattoo

French Bulldog Tattoo

I have my own French Bulldog tattoo, on the back of my left ankle. It’s based on this photo, of Bullmarket Versace as a puppy –

Bullmarket Versace

It was not particularly well done – I picked out a random, ‘open all night’ tattoo place on Yonge Street, and walked in on a whim, pulling this photo of out my wallet. I wanted it done with angel wings – a sort of guardian angel Frenchie, if you will. It turned out looking more like a small, squat gargoyle. I put up with it for years, and finally decided to have it removed, and better version done over top of it.

Timing, in this case, was everything – the weekend I had the first tattoo removal done, Rebel – Bullmarket Versace – dropped dead.

Coincidence? Of course. But still, a rather strange one that still bothers me to this day.

At any rate, if you’re in Chicago and in the market for some new ink, now would be the time to get it done. And hey, even if you aren’t, why not drop in and lend them support, and maybe make a donation. You just might get inspired to get your own Frenchie immortalized. Just do me a favor – don’t ever get it removed, if you get one.

Survey – Congenital Deafness in French Bulldogs

Structure of Canine Ear

Structure of Canine Ear

I have a survey open as part of an article I am working on.

If you are a BREEDER of French Bulldogs who has ever produced a congenitally deaf French Bulldog puppy, your input is needed. The survey is confidential, no personal identification is required or collected.

The survey responses are limited to 100 persons, at which time it will be closed. The responses will be shared.

Please help me to gather as much data as possible on this condition.

Click Here to take survey

Please share this with any other groups you think might be able to assist.


Frenchies in Montreal Puppy Mill Bust

A handful of new photos over on Flickr, including one of Heart REFUSING to share the bed, and the cutest squishy face photo of Jelly Bean ever taken.

Pix on Flickr —

Screen capture of French Bulldog in cage at Montreal puppy mill bust

Now, in more grim news…

A HUGE puppy mill just north of Montreal has been busted. I mention this here, because one or two people I’ve spoken to have mentioned that they were going to Montreal to look at French Bulldog puppies.

I’ve since heard that this is apparently the same place some of them visited.  I’m told it wasn’t a pretty scene, and that the dogs were in abysmal shape, even the ones being trotted out for viewing by buyers. There were at least five or six French Bulldogs there, both adults and puppies.

This is on top of the English Bulldogs, poodles, and numerous other breeds also rescued from this tiny corner of hell.

From the CSPCA news release:

HSI and CSPCA rescuers were able to save 110 dogs, seven cats and one rabbit from this overrun breeding facility. The dogs, ranging from Boston Terriers to Dogs de Bordeaux, were living in piles of their own feces, and many were suffering from obvious medical conditions such as open sores and severe skin conditions. Skeletal remains were found still locked in cages inside the home, and a pile of burned animal remains was found in the rear of the property.

“The conditions at this puppy mill were by far the worst Humane Society International has ever seen,” said Rebecca Aldworth, director of animal programs for HSI Canada. “These animals were living in tiny wire cages stacked on top of one another with little or no access to food or water. Ninety percent of the dogs we rescued were severely emaciated, and many needed immediate medical attention. It is criminal that the CSPCA does not have the power to enforce provincial animal welfare legislation; in absence of this, puppy mills will continue to thrive in Quebec.”

News links:

Video (warning: graphic images)

The CSPCA is in DESPERATE need of funds to help care for these dogs. We ask that you consider making a donation. We’ve already made one, in the name of Heart and the Nellkins.

Link for donations:

By the way, did you know that you can help with situations like this, even if you can’t personally take a dog into your home? Volunteering for rescue takes many forms – you can help transport dogs, you can assist with fund raising, you can do home visits in your area, if you’re a trainer you can help rehabilitate dogs in need of re training, you can make sure your local shelters know about French Bulldogs and French Bulldog rescue – and yes, you can even foster dogs waiting for adoption.

Why not take a few moments, and register to become a French Bulldog Village volunteer? It doesn’t take much time, and it will repay you in more ways than you can imagine!

New photos and a new photo blog

French Bulldog Traffic JamI just uploaded a bunch of photos to Flickr.

There are some of Delilah, looking cute, some of Elliott, looking cute.. well, you get the idea. There’s a plethora of French Bulldog cuteness going on.

All of that photo posting, and the (hopefully) upcoming litters reminded me of something I’d been meaning to do – start a  dedicated blog for my French Bulldog photos and videos.

Personally, it drives me nuts when I visit a blog and get bogged down in a ton of photos. I’m on satellite – slow, slow satellite – and a photo heavy blog can slow me to a crawl. I assume that the same holds true for other people, as well. Still, I like uploading photos, so I decided to start a blog just to feature my French Bulldog photos.

It’s where I’ll be posting samples from some of my favorite sets uploaded to Flickr, as well as the newest videos of the pups or of the dogs being silly. I’ll add notes in my main blog posts here, so you’ll know where to find them, but this way you’ll have a choice.

The new photo blog is here –

It has a few photos from the two sets I just uploaded on Flickr today –

Frenchies around the pool and the pond

Dexter, Elliott and Nell

I’ll still post the occasional small photo here, naturally, but the big ones are over at the new blog.