The Boy is Growing Up…

Dexter spent quite a bit of time this spring going through a fairly horrid – and fairly typical – gawky stage. His feet were too big for his body, his chest was too big for his body, his rear looked high, his head looked small, and his ears resembled satellite dishes.

Add to this the fact that he was barely what one could call ‘graceful’, forever slamming head first into walls, or tripping over his own feet in the garden. He seemed to have little control over co ordinating where his body was aiming with where his feet seemed to be going, and chaos inevitably ensued.

The only solution seemed to be a paper bag and a career in something math related, because beauty contests did not seem to be in this little geek’s future.

Dexter and Tessa, waiting for French Bulldog ice creamLuckily for Dex, I am a patient woman (ha!), and was willing to wait it all out. Swans from ugly ducklings sometimes come, etcetera – plus, he’s a fun little goof to have around. Still, it was a pleasure to notice that he’s finally starting to bloom. As if over night, we woke up one day and said to ourselves “This is turning out to be one good looking little dog”.

His head has finally started to square up, losing the apple dome he had between his ears. His neck has turned from a scrawny stick that seemed to exist only to attach his head to his should into a thick, muscular column. His chest has dropped and started to muscle, and his forelegs are thick and strong. Even his slow to develop rear is muscling up and filling in, and he’s developed into a graceful and agile mover, able to leap over dog gates and onto couches in a single, flowing motion.

He’s still a teenager, but he’s a teenager with potential for both beauty and grace. It’s an amazing process to witness.

He has his faults, of course, including today’s foray into peeing on the couch, and a disturbing new penchant for flicking his weiner when he’s bored. That’s boys for you, I guess. After a lot of years just having girls here at home, I’ll have to get used to his testosterone laden dumbness, in addition to his manly good looks.

Loads of photos on Flicker of Penelope, Delilah, Dexter and Tessa going for a hike yesterday over near the Saugeen River, or view the slide show below.

French Bulldog Profiles – It's the Mae Mae!

Proof positive that Mae Mae is doing swell in her new home comes to us in the form of a whole bunch o’ photos –

We luv ya, Mae – and it looks like your new mommy loves you, too!

French Bulldog Profiles – Chef in Traverse City

Meet Chef, son of our lovely brindle girl, Paris.

Paris resides in Traverse City, Michigan, where his mom is busy organizing the first annual Traverse City French Bulldog walk. You can learn more about it by joining the TC French Bulldog group, over on Ning.

Chef’s mom writes:

This is Chef…Paris’s baby. He’s a year old now. He loves to chew anything hard…his favorites are old tupperware and OJ containers. Needless to say, he has VERY white teeth.

Check out some photos of the lovely – and white toothed – Chef:

French Bulldog Profiles – Toblerone!

(French Bulldog Profiles is a new feature I’ll be running from time to time. If you’d like me to feature your Frenchie here, send along a few photos, and a short paragraph or two about your pet, to this email address. Links to YouTube videos are also welcome!)

Meet Toby, short for Toblerone!

Toby’s mom Katherine writes –

Hi, this is our baby. His name is Toby, or sometimes ‘the little toblerone’. He is 81/2 weeks old. His favorite things to do is nibble on his dads ears, and try to pull down my sweat pants during our walks. He is our first frenchie and we absolutely love him!!!Best,Katherine and Toby

Here are some photos of the little guy – isn’t he cute?

French Bulldog Profiles – Chaos in Michigan!

(French Bulldog Profiles is a new feature I’ll be running from time to time. If you’d like me to feature your Frenchie here, send along a few photos, and a short paragraph or two about your pet, to this email address. Links to YouTube videos are also welcome!)

Meet Chaos, which is short for Chaos Reigns Supreme. Chaos lives with his mom, Laura Nagel, in Michigan.

Laura writes –

I have a 10 month old Frenchie that I purchased through a breeder in Georgia that I honestly didn’t know a lot about. After seeing a picture and later a short movie of my boy, there was nothing that was going to keep me from him. He was already 3 months old when I got him and he immediately took over my quiet life.

I have been married without any children for over 12 years and have always had pets, but Chaos is something else. Technically known as “Chaos Reigns Supreme” his name couldn’t be more suiting. The energy and happiness with which he exists is exactly what I needed at this point in life.

A quick learner and avid pleaser training has been a breeze begging with potty training (bell training) being complete in a little over 2 weeks. He is a social bug and we take him everywhere with us. He listens so well that we don’t even put him on a leash. I know that he does not conform to the breed standard very closely, but his health is wonderful and that is what really matters to me.

He and his mean cat brother play without regard for anything around them and the session always ends in an energetic race throughout the house and between the furniture which we affectionately call the “frenchie 500”.

The pictures will explain it all!