Friday Zen – French Bulldog Mouth Wars

Today’s moment of zen comes to your courtesy of Pickle and Mae. I don’t know what other dog owners call this game, but around our place, it’s called “mouth wars”. That’s when your dogs play bite, without ever actually gripping each other. Well, I say ‘without ever’, but there’s the occasional incident of face grabbing, which is usually either tolerated, or corrected swiftly, depending on the dogs involved.

Mae and Pickle will play this game for a good forty minutes straight, before they both pass out. Pickle thinks it’s the most awesomely awesome game ever invented. Mae is pretty much just humoring her.

Monday Morning Frenchie Photo Fun

Pickle Playbowing at Dexter and Tula

Pickle Playbowing at Dexter and Tula

A few pics of the (rapidly growing) puppies. Everyone leaves within the next week – Pickle, of course, is staying, and Dwight will be right around the corner. I am still pre bereft.

French Bulldog Photo Surprise

I absolutely love finding ‘surprise’ photos on my camera.

This one of Pickle is a perfect example – I swear that when I went to snap her photo, she was sitting there, looking cute and normal, and with both ears up where they always are.

Then, when I downloaded the photos onto the computer, this is the picture I found –

Pickle the Crazy French Bulldog puppy

Apparently, it’s not just human kids who make stupid faces when you go take their pictures. Also, Pickle can apparently put her ears up and down at will. Surprise!

End of Week Round Up

Pickle meets her Auntie Penelope

Pickle meets her Auntie Penelope

A great big wrap up post, with a bit of this and a LOT of that, including new puppy photos, the pay differences between good and evil, and why Naboo Tatooine is freaking me out.

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Floor Time Fun with Delilah’s Kids

French Bulldog puppy video

A new video of Delilah’s kids, hanging out with us and with their (completely crazy) mommy.

Near the end of the video, there’s some fun footage of Tessa sitting on the floor with the puppies. Lately, when the pups are on the floor she wants to get down there with them. We call it ‘baby sitting’ – she sits there and keeps an eye on them, allowing the pups to take some pretty spectacular liberties (watch for the scene of Pickle launching herself repeatedly at Tessa’s face, while Tessa sits there and takes it all in stride). When Tess has finally had enough, she simply walks over and waits for one of us to put her up on the couch. She enjoys watching the smaller puppies, but Bunny’s gang of hooligans little angels are a bit too much for her.

I should note that this isn’t really new video footage – I shot it a week and change ago, and it’s taken me this long to edit and upload it.

One down, three more to go….

Video after the cut.

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