Snow, snow, snow – and puppies

Well, we’ve had our first real snowfall – that snow that isn’t going anywhere, at least not until spring. Sean spent a good two hours outside shovelling out the dog runs and walkways. See? Boyfriends can be useful!

I also took some new pix of the Bunny pups, including a few of Dexter, the puppy formerly known as Nigel. I wanted to name him Prince Symbol, but Barb outvoted me.

There’s also a photo in there of Mae, who is as big as a house, and not very happy about it. A week to go at the most, Mae Mae! Hang in there!

Here are a few of the photos, or click here to see them full sized on Flickr.

Delilah, then and now…

Wow, time sure does fly. It seems like only yesterday Delilah was a tiny puppy I could fit in the palm of my hand.. now, she doesn’t even fit in her bed!

Check out our comic strip, “Delilah then and now”. Click for full sized

Delilah Then…Delilah Now

Christmas Card – the Sequel!

Here’s attempt number two, for those who could never get those pesky dancing elves to open for them. Happy Holidays!

BTW, it looks better here
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