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13 Questions To Ask After Reading Kijiji Ads…

Kijiji is sort of a glossier version of Craigslist, an updated, on line version of the Buy N Sell newspapers and Pennysavers. Owned by eBay, it (unlike smarter and more politically attuned Craiglist) allows live animal sales ads, and it is chock full of puppeez for sail ads.

Here are thirteen questions that occurred to me after reading through Kijiji puppy for sale ads…

For sail..Daxshund / Shizoo / Dalmashun / Puddle / Mastife Puppy

If you’re going to breed, shouldn’t one of the very basic things you know about the dogs be how to spell their proper breed name?

Comes with papers. Has papers. Papered. Extra if you want papers

Papers, papers, papers. Every other freakin’ ad talks about papers – although what kind of papers, exactly, we don’t know for sure. Newspapers? Mongrel Association of America papers? Wallpapers? Who knows. Who cares?

“linebreeded mother to father has show chance”

Line breeded? Mother to father? What in holy hell are they thinking?

Oh, right. They’re not thinking – they’re just turning them loose in the yard and hoping for a litter. Which they got. And ‘show chance’? Sure, why not? I bet they take the Gardens next year.

After all, nothing says “Best in Show potential” like an in bred litter of yard raised dawgs.

“Yorkiepoos – Super cute! 6 weeks old ready to go home with you! “


No! No, they not ready to go home at six weeks old. They’re not ready to go anyplace, not even to the vet’s for their first shots.

Oh, but there’s me, assuming you’re selling them with shots. Not a chance, is there?

“Imported French Bull pups from champion line”

French Bull pups? Is this some sort of weird Charolais/canine hybrid? Because otherwise, we’re back to that question up top about not selling or breeding what you cannot spell.

And speaking of French Bull pups for sale ads…

“Imported European lined French Bulldogs. We import from Europe, as this ensures healthy pets”

Really? All I’ve needed to be doing all these years in order to insure healthy, genetically sound French Bulldogs is import them from Europe? Just any old place, and any old breeder, and they’ll magically be sound, healthy dogs? Wow, that’s way easier than all the pesky health testing I’ve been doing.

I suppose all those sick, temperamentally unsound adult European imports that keep turning up at rescue are just anomalies or something.

“Adorable Frenchtons – Boston and French Bulldog cross pupps!!”

Why, why, why? Why do this? Frenchies have health problems. Bostons have health problems. Why combine them into one seething morass of potential issues. Plus, just – why? If you like Bostons, get a Boston. If you like Frenchies, get a Frenchie. Just pick one, dammit, don’t screw up two breeds at once.

“Trendy adorable Puggles for sale!”

See above, plus – What’s the point of this?

PugHere we have a Pug.

Small, wrinkled, flat faced, snuffly, cute, dim witted. Adorable, too, of course – I love Pugs, black ones in particular, but they are a creature as far apart from a hunting breed as you can get.

BeagleThere we have a Beagle.

Compact, athletic, muscular, bred to run, bred to bay, bred to scent, bred to hunt (but not much else).

Combine the two, and what do you get?

puggleThe puggle – a mixture of the worst from both.

First off, they’re ugly. Sorry, but it’s true. This is one F.U.G.L.Y. cross breed. Also, congratulations – now you’ve got a dog that wants to run away from home, but is too stupid to figure out how to get back. Pointless as a lap dog, worthless as a hunting dog, and soon to overwhelm rescues and shelters across North America.

JUG puppy… God help usOh, and here’s one to make Terrierman‘s head explode – that would be a “Jug puppy” – that’s a cross between a Jack Russel, and a Pug.

Why would someone (sane) do this, you ask? Because the offspring will apparently be “HEALTHY LIKE JACK RUSSELL AND CUTE LIKE PUG”.

Or so the ad said, at least.

“Pure breaded Golden Retriver”

It’s breaded? You rolled it in bread crumbs and deep fried it? Oh, you meant pure bred. Now we just need to figure out what the hell a retriver is. Oh, you mean Retriever

“Pure breaded (ahem) Doberman stud dog. Can breed to any bitch. $200 or pick of the litter”

No mention of testing, titles or temperaments – how could anyone say no to using this dapper fellow on their bitch? Plus, you get to do all the work of whelping and raising the puppies, then hand him over your ‘pick’. And so the cycle continues.

“For saile lovely large Cane Corso mastiff girl, she is very nice tempered and a good gaurd. Needs space to roam. Loves our kids. Will trade for Jack Rusel or other small dog. “

Wonderful. You are giving away your ‘roaming’, intact Cane Corso bitch. First off, why does it need space to ‘roam’? Is it a gypsy (sorry, Romany) Corso? Does it have ‘wandering feet’? It doesn’t need to roam – it needs a securely fenced yard.

And of course you want to get another dog, and have chosen the JRT, a dog that most sane and above average pet owners aren’t equipped to deal with, let alone an irresponsible goof like you.

Plus, nice lesson to teach the kids – when we tire of our toys, we throw them away and get new ones.

“TeaCup Yorkies/Poms/Poodles/Doxies”

Teacup? Is that the code word du jour for ‘will have life long health problems’ or ‘is hydrocephalic’? One thing it certainly is code for, for sure – bad breeder.

“Cute, adorable, non shedding Frenchie pups!”

Cute? yes. Adorable? absolutely. Non shedding? Did you shave them bald? Are you blind? Do you not see the floating, house wide cloud of fine hairs they leave in their wake, and on your clothes? Have you ever looked under your furniture?

Non shedding? Please, share your secret formula with me, the one that gets you magically non shedding Frenchies, because last week I spent two hours outside using the Furminator on my dogs, and there’s a pile of undercoat out there the size of a LabradoodleMastifeRetriver.

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  1. RHz
    RHz says:

    I really liked this ad’s spelling. I had to read it two or three times before I understood what they were talking about.

    Location: New York City
    Date Listed: Jun-11-08
    I’d like a free puppy i want a male …i have a big home i just moved with my aunt and she loves dogs i was separated from my sisters so i would a companion a playful one i live right across the park so he will get his excersise every day me and my aunt really want this is someone could help us get a male pup thank you

    I think there should be a breed/dog/cat quiz people are required to take before adopting/buying an animal. If they did their research, they’ll know enough to pass. If not, they don’t get the animal until they can pass it!

  2. Tatiana
    Tatiana says:

    Copy+pasted from one of the MeetUp boards is someone’s amusing complaint about their Frenchie… Their vet, on the other hand, claims her own self-bred Frenchies don’t shed!

    “Hi Everyone. I want to thank you for the vet recommendation. ” Dr. B— at Flo—- Animal Hospital”. I took Sammy there yesterday for a well check-up b/c I had alot of questions. She gave me a perscription for a fish and potato food. or if I can find Fromm, that is great too.
    Sammy also is a huge shedder. I have Hair EVERYWHERE!!!! Dr. B— says she has 10 Frenchies,(she just had puppies),and none of her dogs shed. It could mean that Sammy has food allergies. Sooooo, we are hoping that this new food will help. Please, I need some prayers. I really hope that the food change will do the trick. I am only 4’11” tall and the hair in my house is about 4’6″ high. LOL LOL LOL LOL I am constantly cleaning and vacuuming.”

  3. Caveat
    Caveat says:

    Thank you for the Puggle thing – I’ve been aghast at that cross for awhile and ditto on the – ahem – unattractive part.

    Saw a lot of intact dogs at Woofstock, and a lot of very unfortunate little things that certainly bear no resemblance to my healthy, robust Toys from a good breeder.

    Also saw a lot of people who would be better of with a Gund or something if they want to carry a dog like a purse.

    One wag at Kijiji had it right:

    Bull-ShiTz pups. Heh.

  4. Robin
    Robin says:

    I’m going to have to disagree with you on the puggle thing. First, purebreds end up at shelters (and in breed rescues!) all the time, it’s not just mixed breeds getting dumped.

    Also, I totally agree that people while people shouldn’t be breeding crosses (or anything unless they know exactly what they are doing), BUT it’s been my experience that they tend to be healthier than purebreds. I will only adopt mixed breeds from shelters. Watching my parents as I grew up and now neighbors and friends spend a fortune at the vet with their Boston terriers, yorkies, schnauzers with their inherited diseases. My parents got all their dogs from an AKC breeder/judge and not one lived to see ten. Epilepsy, breathing problems, Cushings, bad knees, pancreatitis…etc. I don’t want to go through that. My large mutt is sleeping underneath me, at age 12, healthy and on no medication. While crosses are no guarantee of good health, there is something to be said for hybrid vigor. My breeder friend seethes at me and says I’m totally wrong about this, but when his champion bitch died of a breed related cancer at a young age I could only think about the litters she passed it on to.

    I’d take a puggle any day (at a shelter) over a french bulldog. Sorry!

  5. Susan Fox
    Susan Fox says:

    Well, it’s not saying much, but at least from the photo you posted it looks like a Puggle has a chance to breath normally. Still a mutt though. Sheesh.

    Great post!

  6. Lindsay
    Lindsay says:

    Haha sorry to jump on the hatewagon but I got a puggle from a nice man on backpage and its cute. Incredibly well trained and friendly, too, if you’re looking for more than a superficial companion.

  7. Heide
    Heide says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! There is someone out there that calls a spade a spade. There are to many crosses! Like you said get a pug, boston,yorkie ect. Why would you spend good money on a crossbreed. Some people actually believe that crosses erase breed problems.It goes to show you that their are gullable people in this world. I read on Kijiji a few months ago, someone was asking about the pups that don’t sell, where do they go what happens to them and there was no response. Do your homework on the breed that intrests you! Nothing in life that’s worthwhile comes easy!!! There are good breeders out there, you just have to find them!

  8. Kasey
    Kasey says:

    I have a Puggle and she is wonderful. They are not ugly at all…I do not know where you get that from. I just felt that I should defend my girl because she is sweet, VERY cute and a wonderful dog to have. In fact, I have the best of both breeds and miraculously, she is quiet too, since I live in an apartment, that is a bonus, although not typical, I am lucky.

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Kasey, I’m sure your girl is lovely. Please forgive me for being slightly facetious in my original post, although I will say that I still find most Puggles to be the worst of both worlds, from the ones I’ve known. It sounds like your girl leans more the pug side of her heritage, hence her suitability for apartment life. That, unfortunately, is a crap shoot, since you just can’t possibly know if that will be the case until the dog is mature. It’s one of the main issues I have with them – the guessing game owners have to engage in. “Will he be more pug, or beagle? Quiet, or baying? Good breathing, or bad? Long muzzle, or short? Roaming, or stay at home? Predatory, or sedate?”.

      Having no way to predict any of that is what is going to make so many puggles end up in pounds, I’m afraid.

  9. shoshi
    shoshi says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE post this on Kijiji!!!! It is great! I think that there will be a lot of people who will love this!!!!

  10. Elle
    Elle says:

    Thank you for that Carol! We are laughing so hard at your post! Your blog is my favorite break from work guilty pleasure! Thanks for being such a great source of all-things-frenchie information!

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