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2000 Miles

I admit it – I’m not a huge fan of Christmas music.

Most of it is just not very good, musically speaking, and I am one of those grinch-y people who change the station as soon as they hear it start to play. That’s why it came as such a shock to me the other day to realize that, not only did I know all of the words to the Christmas song playing on the radio, but I was also singing along – and it wasn’t even a remotely GOOD Christmas song, either – it was one of the worst, most schmaltzy, most cartoony Christmas songs ever written – “Snoopy’s Christmas Song”, as performed by a justly long forgotten 1960’s band called “The Royal Guardsmen”.

Think you don’t know it? If you’re over a certain age, I promise you do – and if you think you don’t, just click this link. Warning – you will NEVER get this song out of your head, unless you are willing to voluntarily undergo a lobotomy.

In direct comparison, check out this live version of Chrissy Hynde’s “2000 Miles”.  It will always be one of my favorite songs, Christmas or not.