Delilah Digs Her Bed

Delilah is officially a French Bulldog – she can’t fall asleep until she digs her bed into an acceptable degree of softness.

Short video after the cut – sorry for the shaky camera work

ps: umm… yeah. That’s my shoe she’s got on her bed. We’re possibly, maybe, just a little bit spoiling her. Read more

An ethical quandary.. French Bulldog Pedigrees Overseas

I’m in something of an ethical quandary over here – namely, do we breed to the dog, or the dog’s owner? And if to the dog, do we breed to him, or do we consider everyone else he has been bred to, as well?

Let me explain… after the cut. Read more

Causing a Scene at the Video Store – getting dog fighting videos off the shelves

I have company coming tomorrow, and said company has kids – and my house, I need to point out, is not a kid friendly house. It’s a dog friendly house, and I guess some of that translates to kids (no dangling cords, no poisons or plants on floor level, electrical outlets covered up), but for the most part this house is run for the comfort of my dogs. Dog beds litter the hardwood, and nylabones lurk under every table. Gnawed on, glue stinking hooves are wedged in the couch cushions. Dogs lie on the chairs, the floors and the beds, and I’d no more let a toddler crawl across my (albeit frequently scooped) yard than I would make a salad out of the greens that grow there.

Let me admit something else here, while we’re at it – some of my dogs are lacking in the kid friendly manners department. Friendly? You bet, if friendly includes boisterous jumping. Delilah’s idea of friendly is to land-shark the socks off of anyone foolish enough to walk past her, and I’m told most parents frown on that sort of activity. So, the dogs – some of them, at least – will have to spend the day locked up, and I’ll spend my day trying to remember that you don’t pat babies on the head like puppies.

Ghetto Dawg 2In preparation, Sean and I went to the local video store to grab some toddler-distraction video fodder (that leaves out Grindhouse, right?). While searching through the shelves, we ran into this charming little gem – Ghetto Dawg 2 – Out of the Pits

The plot synopsis is:

Life in the ghetto can be much like a dog pit- brutal, short and pointless. Donte, a conflicted black teenager seems to be headed for the Pit. A year after his brother’s murder, Donte has revenge on his mind. His target is a vicious gang of Dominican thugs who are notorious for running the local dog fighting pits, led by the psychotic Angel. Realizing he needs help in order to exact his revenge, Donte enlists the help of Jojo, a professional killer with little for a conscience. As things spin out of control, Donte is torn between wanting to start over clean and his obligation to avenge his brother’s death. Ultimately, his decision is made at the last moment when he descends into the belly of the beast and fends off against Angel at the dog pits.

Let’s be blunt – this movie is an excuse to show images of dog fights. Removed from numerous video stores and online sites after customer complaints, Amazon still carries this flick, along with a selection of other dog fighting movies. I might not be able to get Amazon to change their stocking policies, but I can certainly try when it comes to my local Jumbo Video.

I did my best to make my complaints calmly to the store manager, along with promises to turn this into a concerted letter writing campaign if I didn’t manage to get the film removed from their shelves. She did actually pull it, and promised to call head office, as well.

Not a huge difference, but one that made me feel slightly better about the world.

If you’d like to let Jumbo video know how you feel about them carrying the Ghetto Dawg series of movies in their stores, write to them at:

Jumbo Video
6455 Jean-Talon Street East, # 500
Saint-Leonard (Quebec) H1S 3E8

Or phone, fax or write to them:

Phone: 514-259-6000
Fax: 514-259-3232

Fall Photos – Delilah and the Girls


Took a few photos of the girls outside this morning, and by the fire last night.

I think fall is probably the best season for Frenchies – cool weather, with patches to sunbathe in, but none of the that pesky spring mud that drives me insane…

You can see the rest of the photo set here:

As well, I’ve organized all of Delilah’s photos into one set:

An update:

Delilah managed to give herself a boo boo while she was outside playing. She came in with a bleeding gouge on the side of her nose, and a nasty limp that seems to stem from an injury to her front left shoulder. I think she tried to climb a rock and took a header. I’d assume one of the other dogs clocked her one, but I was out with her the entire time she was with the girls, and no one came near her. Poor baby, she’s stuck on play pen rest, and is bored out of her mind.

Hopefully she’ll be better tomorrow. Right now her little snoz is swollen up, and her face looks all funky and weird. As if Frenchies can afford to have noses any more smooshed than they already are!

In Lieu of a Real Post…

..Here’s a meme. I tag everyone with it. So there.

The Air: Damp and cool
Favorite Fall Indulgence: Over priced Honey Crisp Apples
Out Your Window: Delilah, running with a leaf in her mouth
On Your Desk: Coffee, as per usual
On Your Feet: Electric blue toenail polish
Favorite Fall Smell: Burning.
Temperature On Your Thermostat: No idea
Your Shirt: white Old Navy T
Your Hair: Spiky
Something You Want to Make Sure You Do this Fall: At least two fall fairs
Where You Last Took a Fall: bottom of our stairs
Your Last Drink: Coffee.. mmm.
Your Last Meal: peameal BLT
You’re Thinking About: finishing updating this stupid and never ending website project from hell
Hearing: Penelope tippy-tapping back and forth across the hardwood floors, various dogs snoring
Your Favorite Fall Color: Bright Red
Your Take On Seasonal Novelty Flags (i.e. turkeys, pumpkins, scarecrows): Only if they have Frenchies on them
A New Fall Show You Like: Saving Grace
Your Plans for the Evening: More web design
Your Relationship With Pumpkins: Hungry