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Fall Photos – Delilah and the Girls


Took a few photos of the girls outside this morning, and by the fire last night.

I think fall is probably the best season for Frenchies – cool weather, with patches to sunbathe in, but none of the that pesky spring mud that drives me insane…

You can see the rest of the photo set here:


As well, I’ve organized all of Delilah’s photos into one set:


An update:

Delilah managed to give herself a boo boo while she was outside playing. She came in with a bleeding gouge on the side of her nose, and a nasty limp that seems to stem from an injury to her front left shoulder. I think she tried to climb a rock and took a header. I’d assume one of the other dogs clocked her one, but I was out with her the entire time she was with the girls, and no one came near her. Poor baby, she’s stuck on play pen rest, and is bored out of her mind.

Hopefully she’ll be better tomorrow. Right now her little snoz is swollen up, and her face looks all funky and weird. As if Frenchies can afford to have noses any more smooshed than they already are!