Let the puppy photo onslaught begin…And Bunny Finally GETS it!!

An Update: Hallelujah! Bunny finally realized that “these are puppies, and puppies are for licking!”. And lick them she has, until I had to tuck them back in the whelping box before they drowned. So, yippee for Bunny, and for mother nature!!

You are forewarned – I tend to post a lot of puppy photos. Like, daily sets of photos. I suppose it makes for boring blogging, but they change so rapidly at this age, and I never seem to run out of cute poses I catch them in, or expressions I just have to get on film (well, not film exactly – hard drive?).

So, lots of photos taken today already up on flickr –


And here’s a sample – this is the little white girl.

Delilah felt left out..

… so I took some pix of her being a goof in her pen. She’s taken to napping with her fleecy donut bed on her head, like a hat.

She’s at the weird, gawky puppy phase – her feet look too big for her body, her head is all ears, and she doesn’t walk – she run/hop/jumps every place she goes.

Her new trick is sticking her stuffed toy in her water dish, then sucking on it. She is one nutty little puppy…

Check out the goofball faces she was making in these pictures:


A sample –

A puppy update…

Bunny’s pups are blessedly, gloriously vigorous – fat and happy, and already fighting with each other over prime nipple real estate. This is a good thing, because Bunny has decided she would much rather be a pretty pretty princess than a mommy, and is studiously ignoring them, in the hopes this has all been a bad dream. She’s nursing them, or rather she’s allowing me to put them on her to nurse, but other than that she’s not shown one iota of interest in them. Not a lick, not a sniff, nada. This is bad news for me, as it means I’ll be spending the foreseeable future doing the stuff that moms are supposed to do – wiping their bottoms to ensure they’re urinating and defecating, gently wiping down their faces, cleaning poop stains off their bodies, and pushing them back into puppy piles if they stray into the other end of the whelping box.  What fun.

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Bunny Puppies!

Bunny puppies were born this morning – three pups, a white boy, a white girl and a very stripey brindle boy.

Pix are on flickr –

And one sample below. I’ll write a more thorough update when I’m not so tired….

Bunny puppies