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Let the puppy photo onslaught begin…And Bunny Finally GETS it!!

An Update: Hallelujah! Bunny finally realized that “these are puppies, and puppies are for licking!”. And lick them she has, until I had to tuck them back in the whelping box before they drowned. So, yippee for Bunny, and for mother nature!!

You are forewarned – I tend to post a lot of puppy photos. Like, daily sets of photos. I suppose it makes for boring blogging, but they change so rapidly at this age, and I never seem to run out of cute poses I catch them in, or expressions I just have to get on film (well, not film exactly – hard drive?).

So, lots of photos taken today already up on flickr –


And here’s a sample – this is the little white girl.

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  1. ak
    ak says:

    Congrats Mummy Bunny! Whata Good Girl She is!

    Keep the photos coming for all those of us who aren’t so easily bored by all things puppy.


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