Delilah, then and now…

Wow, time sure does fly. It seems like only yesterday Delilah was a tiny puppy I could fit in the palm of my hand.. now, she doesn’t even fit in her bed!

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Delilah Then…Delilah Now

Thursday Thirteen – 13 Dog Breeds I'd like to own

So, I’ve decided to become a Thursday Thirteen-er. This is a simple little meme that encourages you to devote your Thursday blog entry to a list of thirteen things – any thirteen, really. Thirteen things about yourself, thirteen things about your dog, thirteen things you hate/love/envy/desire. Whatever it is, post thirteen of them. I tag everyone with it – just make sure to visit the official Thursday Thirteen Blog to snag the code.

Thirteen Dog Breeds I’d Like to Own

As I’ve mentioned before, I basically got my start in dogs with (English) Mastiffs. My Grandmother bred them, and some of my earliest memories are of lying in a pile of Mastiffs in front of the fireplace, reading a book, and listening to the sound of a thousand pounds of snoring dogs surrounding me. Mastiffs will always be my first love (but shhhh! Don’t tell the Frenchies).

My mother also bred American Cockers for a while, but I don’t really remember much about them, since she passed away when I was just four, and my stepmother was, most emphatically, not a dog person. Owning my own dog would have to wait until I was grown up and living on my own.

Over the years, I’ve owned a few breeds of dogs other than Mastiffs and Frenchies, but there are still lots of breeds out there I’d someday like to own – even though, for some of them, I know I never will.

  1. Akbash Dog. These are some of the most lovely flock guardian dogs I’ve ever seen. I am still toying around with the idea of getting either goats, or Alpacas, in addition to the Frenchies, and if I do a good flock dog will be essential. Akbash are the breed I’d choose. They’re beautiful, strong and independent – everything you could ask for in a flock dog.
  2. Presa De CanarioPresa De Canario. Also known as the Perro De Presa or the Dogo Canario. These are a large, muscular, intimidating looking Mastino breed. Hyper alert, with well articulated muscles. I just think they’re wonderful looking, and they’ve kept their working instincts intact. They might not be everyone’s idea of adorable, but I just want to hug them.
  3. Tibetan Mastiffs. These gorgeous, big, thick coated dogs are considered by some to be the progenitor of all the modern mastiff breeds. Bred in Tibet to be Monastery guardians, they are fearless, strong and blessedly free of many of the genetic ailments plaguing some of the other large breeds. Unfortunately, their rarity has led to some ridiculous high prices, including one that recently sold for over $100,000.
  4. Tibetan Spaniels. The companion dog to the Tibetan Mastiff, the Tibbie is considered to be the progenitor of many of the small, long coated companion breeds we know today, including Shih Tzu, Maltese and perhaps even the Yorkie. Tibbies are the best kept secret of the companion breeds – merry, good natured, uncannily clean, smart and outgoing. They require minimal grooming, have snowshoe feet, and are the perfect, healthier alternative to the more commonly seen toys. My godmother bred them, and I think they’re the most bonny of the small breeds. I fully plan to own one or two in the next few years.
  5. Neapolitan Mastiff. Another wonderful mastino, but oh! The drooling!
  6. Argentine Dogo. A gorgeous dog, with a wonderful head, but I fully acknowledge this is more dog than I can handle.
  7. Fila Brasileiro. Like the Argentine Dogo, only more so. If I ever wanted a truly tough, intimidating dog for hunting or home protection, this would be my choice. So definately not the dog for novice owners.
  8. African Boerboel Mastiff. Another gorgeous Mastino that I’d love to own, but never will.
  9. Bullmastiff. I love the look of the Bullmastiff, but if I had to choose, I’d pick the more laid back Mastiff instead. That said, I think Bullmastiffs are one of the best of the so-called ‘giant’ breeds.
  10. Peruvian Inca Orchid Dog. I want one out of sheer perversity – how can you not love a purple splotched, hairless dog that squints in the sun and has satellite dish ears?
  11. Leonberger. Germany’s ‘lion dog’. Like (english) Mastiffs, Leos require a ton of early socialization. The long coat and high price tag pushes them down my ‘likely to own’ list, but I do think they’re wonderful dogs.
  12. Cane Corsos. I’ve owned a Cane Corso once, and will never own one again – not because they’re terrible dogs, but just because they are too much dog. They are possibly the smartest, most alert, and most protective dog I have ever owned, and no dog I’ve owned has learned commands more quickly than my Corso. If I lived alone, I’d want a Corso by my side to make me feel secure. As a person who has other dogs and frequent visitors of all ages, a Corso becomes a risky proposition.
  13. (English) Bulldog. A confession – I probably like English Bulldogs more than I like Frenchies. Personality wise, what’s not to love about Bulldogs? They’re mellow, sweet natured dogs who have never met a stranger. They’re loyal and loving, and perpetually happy. That said, I doubt I’ll ever own one again, as this is one of the most health issue plagued breeds I know of. I’m not sure I’m prepared to deal with the basket full of potential health issues that come along with Bulldog ownership.

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French Bulldog Comics, contest update & all aboard the FBV Express!

The comic strip ‘Pooch Cafe‘ tossed in a sorta gratuitous reference to French Bulldogs in the last few days strips. Rather than laboriously explain it to you, I’ll just post the strips in question.

Pooch Cafe Comic Strip - French Bulldog reference

Pooch Cafe Comic Strip - French Bulldog reference

A few years ago, someone in France almost blew a gasket when they noticed a page on the French Bulldog Rescue Network titled ‘Surrender a Frenchie’. Six pages of blog ranting ensued, with the writer stridently objecting to the insinuation that the French had a tendency to surrender. When it was finally pointed out to him that the page in question actually referred to giving up your French Bulldog for adoption, his response was a rather abashed ‘nevermind’.

I wonder if I should track him down and send him a link to this comic?


Holy cow, are some of you guys creative (and a bit twisted, a few of you). Keep those captions coming – I’ve finally decided on what the prize will be, and it is a SUPER good one, that should also do some super good things for a super good cause. Isn’t that super?

All Aboard the French Bulldog Village Express!

I admit that, from time to time, I get rather cynical about Christmas. All the gift buying, gift wrapping, festivity planning frenzy can wear a type-A personality down, I tell you. In spite of this, I can still stumble across something that warms my heart, and reminds me of what Christmas should be all about – giving from the heart, for the sake of giving.

This year my redemption came in the form of the French Bulldog Village Christmas Express. This colorful little train allows donors to decorate it, in exchange for a donation. You can give as little as a few dollars, and still make a difference. All money donated goes to an incredibly worthy cause – the Karen Krings Memorial Fund. This fund not only allows FBV to rescue and place dogs themselves, but it allows other rescue groups to apply for funds to help dogs they are fostering or caring for. In this way, even the most underfunded rescue can still take in and care for a French Bulldog in need – something that is, quite sadly, needed more and more often these days.

So, go forth and give – a little, or a lot, as you can afford. Me, I’m donating a tree, in memory of our little boy lost, and all the other Frenchies that have given me such joy over the years. It’s the least I can do for all of those Frenchies out there who have never known a lap, or a kiss, or the feel of hands touching them in kindness. Give a needy Frenchie a Christmas gift, and help yourself to remember what the season is really supposed to be about.

Pets of Bel Air, Puppy Mills & Stupid Celebs

In a follow up to the story on Britney Spears’ new victim puppy, the HSUS has come out with a statement saying the pet store to the stars “Bel Air Pets” gets its puppies from puppy mills (contrary to the store’s claims it gets its puppies from ‘caring breeders’). POB, by the way, is apparently where Denise Richards got her Frenchies from. Good choice there, Denise. No wonder you had to get Cesar Milan in to deal with aggression problems.

Fox News story:


A trendy Bel Air pet store that boasts Paris Hilton and Britney Spears among its clientele allegedly gets its canines from puppy mills in the Midwest, according to a TMZ report on Tuesday.

Click here for more on this story from
According to the TMZ report, the Humane Society of the United States revealed undercover video footage linking Pets of Bel Air to the puppy mill.

The store, which also includes Denise Richards, Demi Moore and Robin Williams among its customers, charges thousands of dollars for their dogs. The Humane Society alleges that they buy dogs from puppy mills in Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Iowa and Missouri.

According to the Humane Society, undercover footage shot at one such puppy mill shows cages of dogs locked up and going “cage crazy.” Puppy mills sell dogs who spend their entire lives in cages and are continually bred for years with little hope of adoption.

Pets of Bel Air allegedly told Humane Society investigators that they do not buy from puppy mills, and did not respond to the story for comment, TMZ reports.

And from TMZ :

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) today revealed undercover footage linking a popular pet store-to-the-stars with a puppy mill that supplies them. Oh the humane-ity!

The HSUS alleges that Pets of Bel Air — a trendy pet shop that boasts Paris Hilton, Denise Richards, Demi Moore, Britney Spears and Robin Williams among its clientele, who spend as much as $2,400 for a Maltese — gets their puppies from puppy mills. In fact, TMZ also spotted Britney shopping there just this past weekend.

Pets of Bel Air told HSUS investigators they don’t get their puppies from puppy mills, but the HSUS says that simply not the dogs’-honest truth. They allege the shop buys from mills in Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Iowa and Missouri. Undercover footage shot by the HSUS at one such puppy mill shows cage after cage of little dogs locked up and going “cage crazy.” Not a pretty sight.

Puppy mills sell dogs who live their entire lives in cages and are continually bred for years, without human companionship and with little hope of ever becoming part of a family.

UPDATE: The L.A. Department of Animal Regulations has just shut down Pets of Bel Air because we’re told three of the store’s permits have expired. Lt. Troy Boswell tells TMZ the store’s permit to sell live animals has been expired for three and a half years (yikes!). We’re also told the Department has checked out all the animals currently in the store and they all seem to be in good health. A worker at the pet store insists they’ve done nothing wrong.

The pet store has 48 hours to renew their permits.

You know what the sad part is?

This story won’t stop idiots like Britney, Paris and Denise from buying their next pet at a pet store, and it won’t stop the wealthy non-famous idiots who flock to stores like “PJ’s Pets”. It won’t stop them because they just do not care where their puppies came from, or what sort of life the parents of their puppies are leading back in Missouri. They care that they can get a dog, today, with no wait, no hassle, and no fussy breeder asking them lots of pesky questions.

You can educate these morons until the cows come home, and they’ll still spout the party line about how ‘their puppy didn’t come from a place like that’ – a fact they know because those nice people at the pet store swore it was true. No, their puppy was raised on a sort of free range puppy farm, where happy dogs romp free in fields of wildflowers, each one just hoping to get adopted by Paris Hilton.

Six days, or weeks, or months later, when their puppy gets sick, or develops temperamental problems, or doesn’t look like those pretty pretty puppies they’ve seen pictures of, these wealthy dumb dumbs will either dump their puppy in exchange for a new, cuter model (Hello, Paris), or they’ll run around whining about how ‘dog breeders are to blame’ for their poor puppy being so sick.


By the way, the video footage is after the cut, and there is French Bulldog footage. Sigh…

Read more

Caption Contest & Britney Spears Comes thisclose to getting a French Bulldog

Britney Spears puppy shopping in a pet storeYou’d think with all the ‘oooh, breeders are *bad*’ crap that peta spews, that they’d set up some kind of re-education camp to get celebrities to stop buying their puppies from pet shops. I swear, there are a few pet stores out there that make all of their income off of Paris Hilton alone.

At any rate, the train wreck formerly known as Britney Spears snagged herself a new best friend at a pet store in Beverly Hills. And look how close this poor Frenchie came to being her new victim!

Snagged from Dlisted –

That’s all we need – ten gazillion paparazzi photos of Britney driving with a Frenchie on her lap. Oy.

Caption Contest

OK kidz, this is it – it’s our first annual, super speshul caption contest.

Teh winner of this contest will receive a lovely and utterly fab-u-lous prize, which I am not at liberty to reveal (in large part because I haven’t decided what the hell it is yet). Rest assured, however, that it will be chock full of super yummy Frenchie goodness. Either that, or it will be a CD of all the crappy iTunes songs I just rescued from my old computer (Supertramp? Really?).

So, here’s the rules –

Take this interesting photo of Monsieur Nigel, and add your own caption, a la ‘I Can Haz Cheezburger‘. In fact, I Can Haz Cheezburger now even has a nifty little ‘caption maker’ feature that you can use to do the captioning for you. Check it out –

The more twisted amongst you can make your captions along the lines of the ones over at lolsecretz –

Here’s the picture – click on it to view and save the full sized version. Contest deadline is December 21st. Email your captioned photo back to me at frenchbulldogz AT

Nigel Up Close (too close)

Good luck, and I’d like to point out that cheating is not only encouraged, it’s rewarded.