Brie the French Bulldog Terrorizes Manhattan

Brie from Colorado, world's second cutest French Bulldog

First we had demonic French Bulldogs taking over an office building in The Hague – now we have an angelic French Bulldog taking over Times Square.

I’m sensing a trend here – forget about packs of toddler devouring Daschunds. What the world really needs to be worried about are French Bulldogs taking over entire buildings.

Move over, Godzilla. Get bent, Mothra. Make way for the French Bulldog that ate Manhattan.

Someone alert the media – wouldn’t that make a swell sound bite?

Brie in Purina's Picture Your Dog in Times Square Event

Author’s note: Brie is actually a cute little Frenchie from Colorado. She owns Marleen Puzak, and is more inclined to eat cookies than she is to devour buildings.

Just don’t piss her off.

Here’s a close up of her appearance in Times Square, which was part of Purina’s Picture Your Dog in Times Square event.

Update: Gina Price is Found GUILTY

Updated news from two of the trial witnesses: Gina Price has been found GUILTY!

From John Hoffman –

I am very pleased to report that this afternoon, July 14, the jury in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee convicted abusive puppy importer Gina Price of fraud by mail, fraud by wire, income tax fraud and social security fraud.  The jury acquitted her on 2 counts of witness tampering because they were unable to sufficiently recall the revlevant testimony.

Ms. Price was remanded to the custody of the U.S. Marshall pending sentencing on December 8, 2008.

There will likely be stories in at least two local newspapers tomorrow.  I will forward copies.

John E. Hoffman, Lawyer

This note from Tom, another trial witness, details how Gina tried to play the ‘poor, sick, crazy lady card’, and failed –

Gina Price was found guilty on:

1. Wire Fraud
2. Mail Fraud
3. Social Security Fraud
4. 2 counts false statements to Social Security
5. 2 counts False tax returns

They are looking at between 72 to 84 months in prison. Hopefully it will be close to 7 years.

Its finally happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




The case has been well covered in the Tennessee newspapers, with Knox News and the Tricities Paper doing an excellent job. Reporter Mac McClean in particular did a wonderful job. It was refreshing to see newspapers and reporters not blowing this off as just ‘another dog thing’.

You can read the full reports on the jury’s decision here and here.

And before you leave… Go read Charlotte Creeley’s excellent blog – “What if the Price Trial Was Conducted by Dogs?

My thanks to those who’ve been following the trial via this blog, and to the witnesses who’ve been sending me reports from the trial.

Homemade Ice Cream for Dogs

I occasionally like to make a nice cold treat for the dogs when the weather gets really hot. Yes, you can buy commercial doggy ice cream treats, but how freakin’ lazy are you, anyways? Get in that kitchen and whip up a batch,  for one tenth the price. Sheesh.

I use a recipe I found someplace or other on the net, way back when old people like me were still (non ironically) referring to it as the ‘information super highway’. Ha, now that’s old!

Dog Days of Summer Icey Treats

  • large container organic, live culture vanilla yogurt
  • 1 large ripe banana
  • tablespoons natural, un sweetened peanut butter
  • tablespoons non pasteurized honey
  • handful of blueberries


  1. Blend all ingredients together and freeze in 3-ounce paper cups.
  2. Microwave for just a few seconds before serving.

Alternate additions: Carob chips, banana chunks, grated carrots for doggies on diets, or just about anything else.

Since Penelope is allergic to peanut butter, we skip it and add a handful of hemp hearts and any of the other alternate ingredients I mentioned above.

Candied bacon ice cream - mmm mmm good!

Of course, you could also try this recipe, which should have a richer, meatier taste than the one above – and isn’t ‘meaty‘ the quality we should all be looking for in our ice cream?

Candied Bacon Ice Cream* – click here for the recipe

* I’d like to point out to those of you who think that ‘candied bacon ice cream’ is the worst thing ever done with bacon that it could have been worse – much, much worse. It could have been bacon topped chocolate chip cookies. Yes, seriously. I should also point out that I just said the words ‘bacon topped chocolate chip cookies’ out loud, and Sean instantly jumped up and said “ooh – where? What? Make some!!”. So, there you go. Boys will eat anything, especially anything with bacon on it, proving that men = dogs in more ways than we could have imagined.

Demonic Frenchies Take Over the Hague!

Look out, it's Godzilldogs!

Uh oh.. we knew it had to happen sooner or later. Yup, it’s giant demonic French Bulldogs, possessing an entire office building in the Hague.

Close up footage here –

Actually, this was a way cool video installation held in the Hague during the Today’s Art festival –

we’ve come up with another very exiting installation where we will use 2 DLP video projectors (20K ansilumen each) and a set of Wacom pads to enable severeral artists to create artwork live during the 2 festival evenings from 20.00 to 23.00hrs. Performing graphic wizards are Antistrot (4 members simultaneous drawing action), Inocuodesign (JAVIER GUTIERREZ GIL and DAVID FERNANDEZ ORENGO)and Kustaa Saksi or Mike Young of Weworkforthem (not defined yet).

Frenchie artwork is by DestroyRockCity. You’ll find more of his weird, wonderfully funky stuff on the nav menu on his site – just look under anything with ‘devil dog’ in the title.

Tip o’ the hat to Luisa at Lassie Get Help for the link. See? I told you she always has the cool stuff.

(Almost) All the ladies love McLovin

Squeamish readers take note: This post contains descriptive terms you might not enjoy reading. Feel free to skip by looking at this cute video of a kitten.

Tessa the French Bulldog is done with lovin'

McLovin is slowly losing his mind, and I can’t say I blame him. Poor Elliott – it’s not easy being the only mature boy in a house full of French Bulldog ladies in the mood for love.

The progesterone fest, however, is slowly winding down. Only Paris still remains committed to her one true love (or at least her one true ‘you’ll do for now’), with Penelope and Tula having come to the conclusion that he isn’t, in fact, all that and a bag of chips.

It was a different story last week however, when Penelope spent most of her time either pining for her beloved, or screeching at the top of her lungs whenever she caught sight of him. Elliott was busily peeing every place he caught scent of her, which apparently included the leather recliner and my suede Converse running shoes.

Tula’s infatuation wore off mighty quick. Within 24 hours, she went from “Ooooh baby” to “Ewwww, icky”, a sea change she expressed with her fine white teeth and an impressive show of snarling. Elliott, being a typical, easy going male French Bulldog, shrugged off her change of heart with some befuddled confusion and a great deal of sangfroid.

Penelope, on the other hand, objected mightily to Ms. Tula dissing her beloved, and a quick and fierce battle over whether or not Elliott was, indeed, the most handsome Frenchie alive was only broken up when I intervened with a bucket of water and a hose. Rumors that the other dogs were hanging around in the background chanting “Jerry, Jerry” and that Sailor, Penelope’s mom, stepped in and swung a chair at Tula’s head are unsubstantiated.

The fight was declared a draw, with Tula walking away muttering “I still say he stinks“, while Nell, gazing at Elliott with moony love struck eyes, hummed “one day, my frog prince will come”.

Less than a week later, and oh how things have changed. Nell and Tula are now united in their disdain for Elliott’s manly ways, and have expressed that opinion with several “Get the hell away from me or I’ll neuter you with my teeth” conversations. Elliott has decided that he’ll just stick with Paris for now.

What a surprise he’s in for when Paris falls out of love with him. That girl will eat him alive if he comes sniffing around too insistently…

Tessa, being old and experienced in the ways of amour, has said that love and romance are dearly over rated, and pale in comparison to a nice nap in a sunny spot in the garden.