Site Bug Test Needed

I’m playing around with some Flash (I’m thinking of adding some to a new site I’m working on for another breeder), but I decided to test it out on my site before hand, just in case.

Can you please take a look, and fill out the small poll on the left side while you’re there?

Mostly, I just want to see how many people are using flash enabled browsers, and whether the number is high enough to bother adding it to the site. I also want to see how many people just find Flash annoying, rather than amusing. I won’t use it as an exclusive menu system yet, but I think it can brighten up a site if used sparingly.

Test page is here —


The Last Word on Vick

Lifted from the Bad Rap blog —

Michael Vick Dogs Editorial Cartoon

PETA by Any Other Name – Still a Bunch of Nutbags

I think I’ve covered by now the grievances I hold against Peta (they’re all animal killing douches, among other things). Maybe you’re pretty sure that you don’t support Peta, and that your donated dollars aren’t rewarding their propensity for killing shelter animals and Pit Bulls like some kind of tofu snacking angels of death.

But.. are you really sure?

Check out this list of charities and groups that are rumored to be fronts and funnels for Peta, if not directly, then indirectly through moral support and sharing of key staffers. Supporting any of them could well be the equivalent of writing a check to Peta – and those guys already have a big enough dead dog freezer, thanks. Let’s not give them any more cash or support.

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In Praise of Great Vets

A few years back, when Sean and I were still in a fairly new-ish relationship, we took in his elderly family cat. Misty had first been his sister’s cat, and then had sort of become his mother’s. Now that his mother was sick, Misty became ours. She was already elderly – 19, by his best estimate, and plagued with illnesses. Diabetes, a tumor on her jaw, hyperthyroidism – the list was fairly long, but in spite of it all, Misty was a happy, content little cat. We gave her her insulin, monitered her diet, tried to keep up her calorie intake and hoped for a few more good years.

In the spring of 2005, Misty seemed to go downhill. It was almost impossible to keep weight on her, so we moved her over to a pricey, vet recommended diet. I had my misgivings, but Misty was Sean’s cat, and I decided that the best move on my part was to step back and let him and his vet sort out her care. Sean isn’t like me – he doesn’t pester his vets with questions and second guessing and ‘but I read this on the web’ type statements. I suppose that makes him a better veterinary patient than me, although I’m not so sure that being ‘pesky’ isn’t frequently a good course to take when charting the care of our pets.

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