Delilah's response to her new "boyfriend's" pictures

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Top 10 Reasons Delilah is Weird

Someone asked me today why I refer to Delilah as ‘weird’. Here’s a quick list:

  1. Perches on backs of chairs and couch, like a really big bird.
  2. Prefers sitting on your shoulder to sitting on your lap
  3. Will sit on your lap, but only if you DON’T TOUCH HER! (Like Elmo, Delilah says ‘no touching!’).
  4. Has extra skin, apparently keeping it in reserve. For fun, you can pull it and make it into shapes. Hence her nickname, Princess Pudding Pants.
  5. Can raise each eyebrow independently of the other one, like Groucho Marx.
  6. Likes to play stairs tag – comes half way down, looks at you, then bolts back to top when you try to touch her
  7. Plays “outdoor psych out game” – stands at door, barks, then when you go to let her out, hides behind chair, giggling.
  8. Once got stuck INSIDE couch. Still not sure how that was even possible.
  9. Barks frantically at inanimate objects, like pop cans, rakes and the BBQ cover. Spent this afternoon barking at a spot on the wall.
  10. Worships false idols. We think she’s starting her own church. Or maybe cult.


PHP Gallery Issues & On Line Photo Sharing

Somehow, the gallery has gone down on – I haven’t really looked into the problem yet, but it looks like a database error. Who knows, maybe we were hacked – I don’t think I’ve updated that gallery installation in about four years, so it’s possible.

At this point, I’m not sure it’s worthwhile putting it back up. That site has been around since it actually served a very useful purpose in giving pet owners an on line place to store their photos for free – heck, I think I put the first version on line in 2001, pre Flickr or Picasa. Now, however, there are a million different options for free file hosting on line, so the site really has become redundant. As well, I’ve had issues lately with people using the site to advertise their ‘free puppies’ or whatever the scam of the week is.

Maybe I’ll turn it into a photo blog – Frenchie photo of the day? I’ll set it up, if anyone wants to blog it!

Update: Yoda has been adopted

Yoda - French Bulldog Chihuahua Mix available for adoption

Yoda - French Bulldog Chihuahua Mix available for adoption


To see other Frenchies and Frenchie mixes in need of homes, visit the French Bulldog Village –

Yoda is a special little dog. He’s a Chihuahua – French Bulldog mix, and shows some of each breed in his flat face, pointed ears and Chi tail.

Yoda’s mom Mary loves him deeply, but she’s got a big, big problem. Mary has been diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease, as well as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. Her flare ups are painful and crippling, and make it hard for her to function physically. Recently, Mary was lucky enough to have Custer placed with her. Custer is a Doberman, and a trained service dog. He helps Mary with daily tasks, when her physical pain makes it difficult for her to function. He can also help if she falls, or is otherwise unable to move or get help for herself.

Unfortunately, tiny little Yoda hasn’t taken well to this interloper in his home.

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Adopt a Needy Samoyed

An update: All of the dogs are now placed.

Kathy Pendleton and Samoyeds

Cathy Pendleton and Her Beloved Samoyeds

Hello, everyone,

It is with great sadness to pass along that my dog breeder, Cathy Pendleton, whom I love and treasure, is losing her battle with breast cancer. She can no longer care for her dogs. She is in hospice after being in the hospital for a week.

We are in the process of placing her Samoyeds. If you know of anyone who would like a sweet natured, playful pet, please let me know. She has all girls who range from 1.5 years old to more senior dogs. All are healthy and have been very well taken care of.. New homes need to have space for an active dog and a fenced in back yard. There is no cost, but the new family will need to spay the dog if it is less than 7 years old.

They can move out of state. The new family needs to be willing to stay in touch with the “Sammy family.” We will want to know how they are doing and if it is working out, etc.

Let me know if you have any leads. Thanks for your help!