Pretty Miss Pixie and in other Butters news…

I was privileged to be able to catch up with the beautiful Daisy last night – formerly known as Pixie, she’s litter mate to Jellie, Rumble, Butters and Thor. Daisy lost her sight in her left eye after a horrifically bad reaction to her very first puppy shot. As a result, she only has twenty percent vision in her eye, and it’s also significantly smaller than her good right eye.

In spite of this, Daisy remains pretty as a picture, and is a true Daddy’s little Princess.

The ungrateful little bugger refused to come and see the weird lady who chasing her around with a camera, even after I’d reminded her that I bottle fed her when her lazy butt mommy Penelope gave up on the chores of motherhood. Daisy was unimpressed.

I’d also like to point out that Daisy has made me reconsider my belief that Butters and her sister Jellie are… hmm, we’ll call it  “overly voluptuous”. In comparison to Daisy, they are both svelte little ballerinas. Daisy looks like she’s been fed entirely on bacon and sticks of butter, a possibility I am completely prepared to consider.

You can see all of Daisy’s pictures here, on Flickr.

I believe I forgot to mention Butters rather spectacular weekend the week before she finished. From the classes, she managed to take Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed, Best Puppy in Group, a Group Second and…

Best Puppy in Show!

We’re so very proud of our little knucklehead. She’s not a genius, but as I always tell her “You’re pretty, so you don’t have to be smart. No one asks Miss America to do quantum physics”.

I think I got that from a talking Barbie Doll, actually.

French Bulldog Jamboree STUFF!

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And in other news, hell just froze over

Michael Vick to become PETA spokesman. Yes, really.


I’m familiar with [the plan],” said Dan Shannon, director of youth outreach and campaigns for PETA. “We have been in discussions with Michael Vick, with his management team, about the possibility of him putting out a public-service announcement with PETA when he’s out of jail. We want him to discourage people from taking part in dog-fighting. I can do it until I’m blue in the face and it might not convince anybody. Michael Vick sure can. He can say, ‘Look, I did it, I was wrong, and it ruined my career.'”

That's CHAMPION Butters, Thank You

We’re happy to announce that yesterday at Seaway Kennel Club our little monkey girl, Butters (aka Bella, to her co owner Paula.. lol!), finished her Canadian Championship, making her Ch Bullmarket Absolut Harvest Moon. Butters is sired by our Elliott, out of Penelope. We repeated the breeding because we were so happy with our girls – fingers crossed, we should have pups in June!

She finished as a junior puppy, in three shows, and was undefeated when handled by Kay Reil. Kay did a fabulous job handling Butters, and best of all, Butters just LOVES her.

Paula video taped the judging of the class – it’s on line at

Butters took WB and BOS, with RoboBull Fabelhaft Hot Pursuit taking BOB and puppy. Hot Pursuit also took a Gr 3 and BPIG earlier in the weekend.

Oh, and in case you were wondering how a French Bulldog celebrates winning her Championship, have a look at this video. Here’s a hint: it involves puddles, mud and a well abused Gumby toy.

Butters – Bullmarket Absolut Harvest Moon – finishes her Canadian Kennel Club Championship in three shows at Seaway Kennel Club.

Big News in 1897 – French Bull Dog Club Formed

From the New York Times, April 7, 1897 –

A French bulldog club was organized at a meeting held by dog fanciers at Delmonico’s Monday evening. Messrs; H G Riggs, G M Phelps, J L Kernochan, Walter W Watrous, J R Buchanan, F G Davis and G L Hepton met a few days ago for the purpose of forming such a club and establishing a definite type of the breed. At the meeting a committee was appointed to draw up a standard of points to be based upon French winning type. The committee were to have reported Monday evening, but did not get in their report until yesterday evening.

The meeting held Monday evening was a very enthusiastic one.  The following officers were elected: President – Walter W. Watrous; Vice-President – G. N. Phelps; Treasurer – R H Hunt; Secretary – J R Buchan; Executive committe – Blakely Hall, JL Kernochan, GL Ronalds Jr, R H Hunt, GN Phelps, JR Buchn.

A number of contributions were received and twenty one members were elected.

The following standards of points was agreed upon:

The general appearance should be that of an active, intelligent, and muscular dog. The dog should have a smooth coat, should be compactly built, and of small stature. The weight shall not exceed twenty two pounds; that of the bitch twenty pounds. The ear shall hereafter be known as the “bat” ear.

This final paragraph is, in effect, the first ever written standard for the French Bulldog breed ever published in the world. Most notably, it set the “bat” ear as correct (previously, bat or rose ears had both been acceptable in the ring). Also notable was the weight restriction of twenty two pounds or less for dogs, twenty for bitches. Later standards would create two weight classes, and even later ones would set a top weight limit of twenty eight pounds – still present in the US Standard today.