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And in other news, hell just froze over

Michael Vick to become PETA spokesman. Yes, really.



I’m familiar with [the plan],” said Dan Shannon, director of youth outreach and campaigns for PETA. “We have been in discussions with Michael Vick, with his management team, about the possibility of him putting out a public-service announcement with PETA when he’s out of jail. We want him to discourage people from taking part in dog-fighting. I can do it until I’m blue in the face and it might not convince anybody. Michael Vick sure can. He can say, ‘Look, I did it, I was wrong, and it ruined my career.'”
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  1. Sew Crazy Dog Lady
    Sew Crazy Dog Lady says:

    I have had more Michael Vick than I can stand lately. My local minor league football team just pulled a publicity stunt claiming they were looking to hire him, with the provision that he donate $100,000 to a local shelter.

    A local shelter who basically said “keep your filthy money” and educate others instead.

    Oh and PETA? yah, they are freaks.

    Sew Crazy Dog Lady’s last blog post..The Brocade that Ate Manhattan

  2. Susan
    Susan says:

    I’m not sure it’s a done deal yet…not that I care. They’re a good match — they’re both in favor of killing dogs.

    Nothing Vick could do would convince me that he wants anything but his big income back. No, I take that back. If he were actually to volunteer TIME at animal shelters, I might soften up. But this is painless showmanship. And for PETA, no less. Pfft.

    Shame on the NFL for even considering his reinstatement. He’s a sadistic criminal. While I’d rather have dental work than watch football, unfortunately in this country pro athletes are heroes to young people. In exchange for their obscene salaries, athletes should at least be expected to conduct themselves like civilized human beings.

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