Bunny’s Pups at Three Weeks

Bunny's 3 French Bulldog puppies

New photos of the Bunny pups, who are finally starting to act like ‘real’ puppies – complete with barking, growling, mouth wars, and running to the side of the pen to see us when we come into the room.

I love this stage of puppyhood – all the fun, none of the mess. That’s next week, when weaning starts!

Photos after the cut.

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BattlePug! It begins….

Battlepug! With Frenchie side kick goodness

Battlepug! With Frenchie side kick goodness

I love graphic novels. I also love Pugs, and I love French Bulldogs (since you are reading an entire blog written almost entirely about Frenchies, this sort of goes without saying).

The idea of graphic novel featuring Pugs AND a French Bulldog sidekick is almost too good to be true. Throw in artwork done by a Marvel comics artist, and the idea of Pug warriors armed with flaming machetes, and you’ve got the sort of Internet cult phenomena that can make any good comic fangirl get all dreamy eyed.

Introducing… BattlePug!

Only two panels so far, but we’re promised more coming soon. Let’s hope so!

Bunny’s Puppies at 3 1/2 Weeks

Here’s a short video of Bunny’s kids at nearly four weeks old. Sorry for the fuzzy video quality – I’m losing resolution when I decode the video clips. An update to the new version of iMovie will hopefully fix this!

Memphis Shelter Song and Dance

Memphis Shelter Does Dog Death Song and Dance

Memphis Shelter Does Dog Death Song and Dance

As a reasonable, logical human being, I expect most people around me to act in reasonable, logical ways. As you can guess, this has caused me no end of disappointments in my life, but I keep on hoping, because hope springs eternal.

For example, if an Animal Shelter was responsible for the death of my pet, there are certain ways I’d expect them to respond. An apology, perhaps. A review of the procedures which allowed the dog to die. I might even, since I am not without cynicism, expect them to get their lawyer to issue some sort of statement shirking blame.

What would I not expect? In fact, let me clarify that. What would I not even be able to imagine the shelter doing in response? Have their shelter director dress up in a dog suit and lock himself in a cage, emerging only to do song and dance routines to “Who Let the Dogs Out”.

Read the rest on YesBiscuit – but put a drop cloth over your monitor first, because I guarantee there will be some head explosions occurring.

Meet Hanna!

Mastiff and French Bulldog playing puppy tug of war

Hanna and Brigid puppy playing tug of war

After a weekend of arguing over names, we’ve finally all agreed on a name for our newest family member – Hanna, after my favorite Woody Allen movie, but minus the final ‘h’, so that we can avoid any unfortunate Miley Cyrus references.

Brigid has decided that Hanna is her new best friend. Pickle, on the other hand, has decided that Hanna is some sort of terrifying new monster, and is best barked at from a safe distance. Let’s hope that changes over time.