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Memphis Shelter Song and Dance

Memphis Shelter Does Dog Death Song and Dance

Memphis Shelter Does Dog Death Song and Dance

As a reasonable, logical human being, I expect most people around me to act in reasonable, logical ways. As you can guess, this has caused me no end of disappointments in my life, but I keep on hoping, because hope springs eternal.

For example, if an Animal Shelter was responsible for the death of my pet, there are certain ways I’d expect them to respond. An apology, perhaps. A review of the procedures which allowed the dog to die. I might even, since I am not without cynicism, expect them to get their lawyer to issue some sort of statement shirking blame.

What would I not expect? In fact, let me clarify that. What would I not even be able to imagine the shelter doing in response? Have their shelter director dress up in a dog suit and lock himself in a cage, emerging only to do song and dance routines to “Who Let the Dogs Out”.

Read the rest on YesBiscuit – but put a drop cloth over your monitor first, because I guarantee there will be some head explosions occurring.

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