Help Bring Mi Sun to Canada

I am once more reaching out for help with rescue.

I was just sent video of a little pied French Bulldog girl in a group run at KAPS. The private rescue group there that fosters has NO foster homes available for a Frenchie, and she is in a kill shelter. We estimate she has until month end, before she faces death.

If we can raise the money to get her to Canada or the USA, we WILL find her a foster home, either through French Bulldog Last Chance Rescue or through Eastern Canada French Bulldog Club and Rescue.

Will you help us, again?

I’ve named her Mi Sun, which means “Beauty and Goodness”, because every rescue dog we help reaffirms my faith in the goodness of people, and the beauty in the eyes of each of these dogs.



Here is her video – look for her at 0:02

Balloon Animals and Beached Manatees

Delilah says “You wanted kids, you can look after them when they get here”.


Well, I think I can finally – safely – say that both Penelope AND Delilah are pregnant. This comes as a surprise, since Penelope has missed three times on previous breedings, and Delilah twice. Honestly, I figured that this time would also be a wash on both of them, and had resolved not to get my hopes up, not to bother with an ultrasound, and not to even bother looking too hard at either of them, for fear of seeing those distressing ‘false signs’ that can drive sane breeders mad.

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Vote for Friday – Vote for Rescue!

The handsome Mr. Friday (aka Billie’s big brother) is competing in the Fido Casting Call contest. Winning Dog gets $2,000 – and Ashleigh, Friday’s mom, has generously offered to donate his winnings to Rescue!

You can vote once a day – please take a minute every morning, and help Friday and Ashleigh raise $2,000 for Rescue, thanks to Fido!

Here’s Friday’s direct voting link –

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Pit Bulls Love Michael Vick

Pit Bulls Love Michael Vick

Well, they love nomming on him, at least.

Topical Insecticides and Reproductive Health in Dogs

Be cautious about using topical insecticides on breeding dogs, lest they get “Homer Simpson Sperm” syndrome!

I spent Sunday at a very interesting Canine Reproduction seminar. The session, which lasted roughly two hours, was presented by MiniTube Canada, and was a bargain at $15. Unlike a lot of corporate seminars, this one was not geared solely towards selling you equipment, although there was discussion about the equipment the company makes (primarily semen extenders and shipping containers). Our presenter was Dr. John P. Verstegen DVM, MSc, PhD , DECAR, Minitube’s director of small animal reproduction. Since I’ve recently had my first transcervial insemination done on a bitch (Delilah), it was impressive to hear Dr. Verstegen say that he estimates he has performed more than 19,000 of them over the course of his career.

Dr. Verstegen had a lot of interesting information to share, but something interesting jumped out at me during the portion of the seminar devoted to the topic of managing sperm count in the male dog. Dr. Verstegen mentioned a study he had taken part in examining the effects of topical insecticides (ie; flea and tick treatments) on the reproductive health of the male dog.

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