Bullmarket French Bulldog Breeders

A New Group for Owners & Co Owners, and Frenchie Jamboree Plans

I love getting photos and updates from people who’ve gotten puppies from us. It’s so nice that people take the time to stay in touch, and to care about letting us stay involved in their dog’s life. Whether it’s a win photo from someone who has a show dog, a litter update from someone who used one of our dogs at stud, or just some cute puppy photos, there’s never a time when I’m less than thrilled to get word on how the little ones we’ve sent out into the world are doing. Even when the news is sad – an older dog who has passed away after a long life, or who has a fatal illness, I’m still always touched and grateful to have been kept informed.


To that end, I’ve created a way to let all of us stay in touch more easily, and more in depth. Using Ning,  I’ve created a network just for owners and co owners of French Bulldogs from Absolut Bullmarket. You can use it to upload photos & videos, chat in the forums, blog about your Frenchie and create a customized profile page. It’s designed to let Barb and I keep up with how ‘our puppies’ are doing (because no matter how old they are, they’re still ‘our puppies), but it’s also a good way for owners to create a customized web presence for their dog. You can literally upload as many photos and videos as you’d like, and there are loads of other features planned, as well.


You can find out more here –



In the forums, you’ll find discussions on the Spring French Bulldog Jamboree I’m currently planning.  What’s a French Bulldog Jamboree, you ask? It’s a chance for myself, Barb, our families and all of our puppy owners and their families to get together for a few days and have some fun. I was thinking late spring, before it gets too warm, but definately after it’s no longer too cold to sleep in cabins!

Homestead is just around the corner from me, and it’s charming in a rustic sort of way. I’ve already checked to make sure they’re pet friendly. As a matter of fact, they have only room for about 25-30 people, so it’s conceivable we could fill the entire place! The cabins are family style, with generally two bedrooms and a small kitchen. It’s definately bring your own supplies, including towels and linens. Breakfast and dinner are included in the very reasonable rate – and the owners are even willing to give us a discount, if we can reserve enough rooms.

On the plus side, there’s golfing and fishing, a small bar-slash-restaurant, a spa (seriously!), loads of room for Frenchie games and fun, fire pits for late night lounging, loads of antiquing in the area, and a few not too bad restaurants and shops within a 15 minute drive.

You can learn more about the Homestead Resort here . You can see a map of the location below – it’s about two hours north of Toronto, two and change from Buffalo, New York, and I can get to the Michigan border at Port Huron in just under two hours.