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A Thank You From CJ’s Mom

Karen, CJ’s Foster Mom, asked me to post the following message which she had sent to the French Bulldog Village mailing list:

Well after crying for the last 24 hours, my eyes swollen like baseballs. I’ve eaten a 20 piece chicken mcnuggets, large fries from Mcdonald’s and a skor blizzard from Dairy Queen. I’ve been able to pull myself together enough to come see all the emails of condolence I received from truly caring and compassionate people.

I’d first and foremost like to thank Carol G. for her absolute AMAZING, FANTASTIC, OUTSTANDING, FANTABULOUS work. Within 15 minutes of me posting C.J. needed help Carol was ON IT. Reaching out to the dog lover community. Being able to raise such a large amount in 24 hours totally reassures me that the human race isn’t going to hell in a handbag.

As I stood in the Vets exam room looking at x-rays showing the BB pellets in C.J’s chest and leg. First it was complete sadness with the realization of what he had really been through. When you get a stray there is no knowing what each animal has been through in his or her previous years. And I got a brief glimpse of what C.J. had been through and I wouldn’t have wished that life on a worst enemy. Not even on the one who shot him. I got my people hater hat on and was angry beyond words at how some people could be so cowardly to lash out at those that have no voice to beg them to stop. But I was able to take my angry hat off again as I sat at my computer reading the literally hundreds of emails that I’ve received from people I don’t even know. I must say I have never had such an outpouring of well wishes. It fills my heart to know that the good people in the human race still out weigh the bad 2 to 1.

I would like to THANK absolutely EVERYONE who sent their wishes, condolences, and money to help a dog they had never even met. You have all truly restored my trust in humanity. Carol said it best on her blog (which made me bawl, thank you very much Carol) “sometimes, we really do need to light a candle and stand together against the dark. That’s CJ’s miracle, when you think about it.” And I believe that was C.J’s message. For the one who has hate in their heart, we have shown there are a hundred to band against them.

To Kim, I want to thank you for EVERYTHING you did for C.J and myself. I don’t think words can tell you how comforting it was as a foster home, knowing that you were ALWAYS there. Any time of day or night I called you would answer and be able to help me with any question or problem I had. I actually cried when I heard you were standing down as foster co-ordinator. You and I are a lot alike and want to save everyone. But we have the stronger more sensible people like Charlotte to remind us that there are some that we just have to say good-bye to. I would beg you to reconsider resigning as co-ordinator, because when I get my next foster I want you as my coach and cheerleader.

To Charlotte, Thank you for being the voice of reason. I thank you for being my broad shoulders and letting me know it’s ok to say good-bye.

Carol, if you could please post this on your blog as well. Since I received so, so, so many emails from your followers. I have truly come into a family that have each others back and each others hands. The family of French Bulldogs.

You’re welcome, Karen – and more than that, welcome to the family.