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A Walk With the Dogs

One of the best things about having moved from downtown Toronto to our property near Mount Forest is the backyard.

Our acreage is actually an east west stretching pie shape. Our technical ‘backyard’ isn’t really huge – in fact, we can easily see our property line from our deck, or our pool. What’s behind that property line, however, makes it all worth while.

Behind us lies an old access road – one of what are called, in this area, ‘Heritage Roads’. It was the moving of this Heritage Road that actually carved out the piece of property we now live on, and the original road borders us to the south. It’s been declared by our township a protected road, due to its being Heritage designated. The property to the south of the road itself is owned by our neighbor, who has designated it as protected woodland. This leaves us with the perfect combination – a road which is really just a tree shaded pathway, ambling through woods and past streams, for almost three miles. For the dogs, its heaven.

Walking the dogs in the city required a car. Frenchies – or mine, at least – aren’t great fans of the structured sidewalk meander. They prefer parks, and for parks, we had to drive, or use the tiny and perilously close to the road school yard near our house. Taking the dogs to the off leash park required loading them up, driving, finding parking, and then hoping we didn’t run into any out of control off leash (and unusually un neutered) dogs while we were there. More and more often, it seemed we were having issues with this – dogs whose owners were unable or unwilling to control them, putting our dogs at risk. In one memorable case, a huge Lab mix attacked and rolled Ellie, while his owner cavalierly yelled that he was “Just playing”. Incidents like this started to make the park less and less appealing.

Now, we walk the dogs every night. Each dogs sets it own pace, walking as far ahead as they’re comfortable, running when the mood strikes them, poking noses into bushes and grass, chasing frogs, sniffing deer tracks on the trail, and, in one case, flushing a covey of pheasants.

It sure beats the sidewalk.

Continue to view a video of the dogs on their walk yesterday. Better yet, view it here – the quality is much, much better.

Walking with FrenchiesCarol

2 replies
  1. Hope
    Hope says:

    I think you’re very, very brave! I can’t ever let Dax off leash – she’d be gone in an instant. Once her leash slipped out of my hand when I was getting ready to put her in the car and she just quick-ambled away – without a single glance my way! I caught up to her in our most dog-hostile neighbor’s yard. She was sniffing/chomping his tulips at the time. Thank goodness for snack breaks!

  2. Dru
    Dru says:

    Having a wooded area all to your selves, how lucky! I usually walk my munchkin along a trail at the end of our community. It’s nice scenery with trees and a flowing river in the background but I cant let my Maddi run free either. I am simply too worried another dog might attack him… better safe than sorry.

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