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Akismet Hates You

I have no idea what happened to piss Akismet off, but suddenly it hates all of my regular commentors.

If your comments are suddenly being sent to spammer purgatory with the fake rolex peddlers and the cheap viagra sellers, try not to take it personally.

I’m doing my best to sort through them all and try to dig you out, but I find I need to bleach my eyes after even a cursory glance through my spam filters.

It has been educational, though – I didn’t know that “nine out of ten women wants their mens to buy bigger units”, although with this heat I’m all for Sean heading out to buy us a bigger air conditioning unit asap.

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  1. alex
    alex says:

    ok i have to try to leave a comment now and see if i am sent to purgatory which i am guessing has to be cooler than the north east!

  2. JenniferJ
    JenniferJ says:

    Snort. I thought it was my link to the eBay page.

    I have not been commenting much anywhere as of late, busy busy. BUT I am reading, appreciating and enjoying. Esp puppy pics which is good as I think, think, I may have bully bundles on the way (I was really burned out, but am starting to feel optimistic again). Frozen and all that so I am trying not to jinx it!

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Oh, good thoughts for puppies! I am in puppy lust… I am randomly searching puppy photos and getting hit with surges of wantwantwantone fever. Then I try to tell myself “not right now, work too busy, wait for spring”, but it’s not working well. Bulldog baby photos are going to KILL ME, officially. I will end up kidnapping one, I am sure of it.

      • JenniferJ
        JenniferJ says:

        Ultrasound set for a week from today. I “think” she is, but with frozen I try not to get too optimistic until we see ’em on the scan. (well, really when I have the little dears squirming in my hands)

        Mom is a Brick House. Had I known that the skinny, slinky puppy that friends drove out from TX at 9 weeks would grow up to be such a solid mass of muscle that would have been her registered name.

        Dad is still alive and healthy and happy but nearly eleven and living with an elderly gentleman who would have a heart attack if Tucker got stressed out in any way. Nor has he been bred in 6 years so frozen it was.

        Between the two dogs the only non routine vet visit that we can document for the two dogs combined was Tucker’s ear hematoma last year. Great health, great clearances, great temperaments and both beautiful athletic dogs. No 100% guarantees that they’ll click the way they should but I do really hope she took.

        Oh, and by 9 weeks I’m generally happy if pups get kidnapped by nice homes!

  3. David
    David says:

    It’s not just you. Akismet’s gone bonkers for us to, over at Pet Connection. It’s driving us nutty. Our provider had an explanation, but it didn’t make total sense to me, and in any case a week later it isn’t a helluva lot better. I just think Akismet needs its meds re-adjusted.

    P.S. This comment got thrown into the spam filter, didn’t it? Akismet is paranoid, too. Doesn’t like references to its meds.

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Akismet likes you, but it hates Maggie, Charlotte and Jennifer. I keep having to rescue them from the Russian Mafia porn spam guy who is stuck in purgatory.

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