An Update on Pierre

I know everyone has been waiting for an update on Pierre, the little Frenchie we brought over from Korea. We’re pleased to be able to share a note from Pierre’s new mom, Lucy.

Pierre also now has a new name to go with his new forever home. Aaron didn’t think he looked like a Pierre. So Pierre is now Cheech.

The day that he arrived at our home, it seemed as though he had always lived here and I cannot imagine life without him now. He fitted into our lives so easy, adapting to everything that we did, be it going for a walk, playing with his toys, snuggling watching tv or going to work with me. Cheech is a happy, funny, lively little character who loves meeting both 4 legged or 2 legged new friends and watching the squirrels out of the living room window. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him instantly.

Cheech comes to work with me daily and he has 3 friends, Panda, Tanner and Parker who he hangs out with and lots more that he has a lunch play date with. Then after work, he comes home and has a romp around the family room with his toys and a cuddle from dad.

Every day that he is with us he manages to put a smile on my face numerous times a day.

Lucy and her husband moved to Canada from the UK just last year, so Lucy could take a position as a trainer with Dog Guides Canada. Because of Ontario’s brutal and ridiculous BSL laws, they were forced to leave their beloved Staffordshire Bull Terrier behind with friends. As you can imagine, a loss like this leaves a big hole in your heart, and Pierre is doing his best to help fill it.

With your help, we’ll be able to Mi Sun the same chance we’ve given Pierre – to go from an unwanted, homeless dog who no one cared about, to a loving family member with friends around the world. We’re almost at Mi Sun’s goal – will you help us to reach it?



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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    I saw Cheech every weekend that I volunteered at the KAPS (Korean Animal Protection Society) shelter . He would come running to meet me each time w/ some of the other dogs in tow. He was very friendly, affectionate, loved to go for walks away from the shelter, and really loved to play. All of the other volunteers enjoyed spending time w/ him too. We are all very happy that he has found a forevr home and has someone that gave give him lots of love full time.

  2. Lucy
    Lucy says:

    Matt, Thank you for giving my little boy love and affection whilst volunteering at KAPS. I am glad that he had people who loved while he was there.


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