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And then there was one

Slowly but surely over the last few days, all of the babies have been trickling away.

Rumble went home first with Jennifer and her son, and I doubt very much that he ever looked back (although he did look rather sad in his little purple crate).

Paula Roberts, of Windridge French Bulldogs and Bullmastiffs, picked up Miss Butters on Friday. Paula will be co owning Butters with us, and Butters has gone to Paula’s house to keep the lovely Sophia company. As an added bonus, Sophia and Butters are confident that two tiny Frenchie puppies can more than adequately kick the ass of all Paula’s Bullmastiffs – and who are we to say they’re wrong? Apparently Butters has already wrapped Paula around her little finger, which is about what I’d expect from an evil genius of her caliber.

Little Miss Pixie went home on Saturday with her new mommy and daddy. Pixie’s patented “Sadness Stare” was quite effective on them, as was the part where she hid inside the coffee table and refused to come out. Pixie – now named Daisy – is a puppy who likes to take her time scoping out new situations. Luckily for her, I think she’s found parents who’ll be patient with her.

Finally, today saw Bryan and Allison arrive to pick up Thor, and Dara arrive to pick up Jellie Bean.

Thor, who is in all ways a typical happy go lucky boy, made himself right at home on Bryan and Allison’s lap, and other than a few mournful whimpers when he was first put into his crate, seemed happy to leave.

That left Dara, who trekked here all the way from San Diego, accompanied by her mom. The (seemingly endless) drive from Buffalo coupled with snow and the construction on highway six had them arriving late, but it was still a wonderful thing to see Jellie Bean instantly climb onto Dara’s lap like she’d known her her whole life.

The puppy pen, that was crowded with kids not too long ago, now holds only little Heart. She’s been the toughest trouble maker of the bunch, but this afternoon, after Jellie Bean left, Heart finally realized she was all alone.

She explored the living room, stuck her head inside the green tunnel, and even looked inside the coffee table. No puppies. She finally settled for a rousing game of “catch that mommy!” and a nap on my lap, but I think it will take her a few days to get used to being a solo puppy (again).

Poor girl – from singleton to one of six and back to singleton once more. Guess who’s going to get really, really, really spoiled over the next little while.

Photos are over on Flickr, and updates have been promised from all the new mommies and daddies. Me, I’ll be over here, sulking at having to let any of the babies leave home. Ever.

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  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Carol you must be missing all of them already. The pic of Heart all alone brought tears to my eyes.
    Rumble is doing amazing. Though he does not like the cold weather, but is doing pretty well with housebreaking. He is however, very distracted by leaves, rocks and grass………..pretty much everything.
    I will update in more detail next week and send some pics….

  2. Angelica
    Angelica says:

    I am so sad. Everyday I check your website, and those puppies brought me so much joy – watching them grow and play. I must commend you – you are the best mommy ever – even if only temporary. You loved them like I love my Frenchy. Each one was special to you and it showed from all the pics and videos. You gave them so much love and attention it was a joy to watch. I know you miss them as much as me, but your trying to be strong for all our sakes and you know the joy they will bring to their new families.

  3. Dara
    Dara says:

    As I sit here, tears welling in my eyes, after reading this, because I to check it every day, I think of how lucky I am! Not only to be brought into contact with Carol, but also now to be a new mommy to a beautiful, French bulldog, laying curled up on my lap, wrapped in the finest baby blanket I could find and softly snoring. But I admit, my favorite part is her smell, that sweet, love smell that only puppies have.

    She is the most beautiful little puppy I have ever seen and she is the sweetest most gentile little girl ever. She cannot stand being away from me, and I feel the same, although Tallulah her big sister (boxer/pit), has other thoughts regarding that, but today she actually tried to play with Jellie and it was a good sign!

    We are a perfect match and I thank you a million times Carol!!

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